Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Playing with Beans

I've been looking for more and more new activities to entertain Jaden. He does really well playing on his own but I like to find new things - challenges - experiences to change things up a bit. This one was pretty fun.

I put out a bunch of cups, bowls, and measuring spoons with muffin tins and dried beans for him to "cook" with. He had a great time!

You do have to be a bit careful with this depending on your child and their age. Jaden did try to put one dried bean in his mouth even though he is past the "put everything in your mouth" stage. But, once he tasted it he spit it back out. We talked about not eating the beans because they aren't cooked yet and he didn't do it again.

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  1. hey chica. :)

    i've heard of this activity before, but it was with various pasta shapes. mix them together (2 or 3 different shapes) and let a kid sort them out into the different muffin tins. pretty neat, if you ask me. :)

    Great Post!!

  2. You not only are my #1 daughter but a #1 mom! Jaden is soooo blessed to have you for a "mom--mee", as he says.