Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lately I've been a bit inspired by this wonderful woman's blog. She takes fabulous pictures detailing every aspect of the preparation of each dish she makes. Of course, she also makes up most of her own recipies (she just published a cookbook). I'm nowhere near that level. has inspired me to detail my cooking - at least when I'm trying something new. In this case, it was something I made up. I haven't thought of a good name yet.....any ideas?

I don't know if this was a very revolutionary recipie or not. I thought it was genius when I made it up. But, as I ate it (and it WAS delicious) I thought that it was actually quite similar to some sandwiches I had made awhile back. And probably, common enough that someone else has already published this recipe somewhere.

The POINT is....I DIDN'T use a recipe to make it. I just thought of it and did it. For ME, that's big news!

Until someone gives me a better name....I'll call it Chicken Pesto Toasts

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken
Loaf of French Bread
Pesto (I used store bought, I'm sure homemade would be fabulous)
fresh mozzarella cheese
2 Roma Tomatoes
Italian Seasoning

Slice the bread and top with pesto

Remove bones and skin from chicken

Shred with two forks

Top pesto spread toasts with shredded chicken

Slice tomatoes and add one slice to each toast

Add slice of fresh mozzarella cheese

Hmmm..I'm throwing this picture of my AMAZINGLY ORGANIZED spice cupboard because when I opened the door as I reached for the Italian seasoning I just went Ahhhhhhhhh......

For our 5th Anniversary my husband gave me two rotating spice racks and helped me sort and organize all of these. Not very romantic you might say. But, let me tell you, the last year or so of triple stacked spice jars and the inevitability of a spice jar falling on my head or in my pot (my stovetop is right under this cupboard) every time I reached for one has driven me crazy. My husband was romantic enough to remember this frustration of mine and seek a solution. Mission accomplished. Ahhhh......
Okay - back to the meal....The Italian seasoning is on the bottom rack of the middle spinner....just in case you are looking for it!

Sprinkle on the Italian Seasoning

Turn on the oven Broiler

Broil until nicely browned and toasted. I remember timing it to see how long it would take and now I don't remember. Somewhere around 7 minutes I think.

Mmmmmm....served with leftover eggplant pasta salad. A wonderful way to clean out the fridge!


  1. WOW! way to go chica!!! these look absolutely amazing. my mouth is watering..i must make some!!! :)

    how about chicken pesto brushetta or crostini? i'm not sure which is more accurate.

    keep the great ideas coming!

  2. I am impressed!

    I miss living where you bring over your leftovers once in awhile. :-)