Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've been thinking about making a tent for Jaden to play with. You know, a tepee kind of tent like these.

Or, if I ever felt INCREDIBLY creative, capable, artistic, and suddenly had NOTHING else to do (although it appears the mom who succeeded in making this beauty has TONS to do, yet still managed)

I have found that the following work just as well
at least for the two year old that lives in this house

For now!

Time Flies

This TWO year old
had me captivated at ONE
but stole my heart the day he was born

What a blessing!

Turning Two

This year Jaden wanted to help make his birthday cake.
I guess you could call it a cake.
Ice cream cake.

You see. I like to bake cakes. My problem is, my hubby isn't really a cake fan. So far, it seems neither is my son. Every time Jaden sees a cake he gets really excited and keeps talking about cake. Then, he takes a bite. Sometimes he swallows it never to return for a second. Sometimes, he spits it right out.

That makes baking a birthday cake a dilemma. I figure, the cake should be FOR the person who is having a birthday, right?

I had lots of dreams for creating a super cute birthday cake. I had settled on this one
Choo-Choo Train Cake
but decided, if he wouldn't eat it, what would the point be?

Daddy loves triple berry pie - so at one point I was almost convinced Jaden came up with that suggestion on his own.
But, when I was talking to him about his birthday and asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said "hi-ceam cake?"

So - there you have it. I guess I'll have to bake birthday cakes for myself!

We made a peanut butter rice krispie bottom. Jaden helped pour the things in the bowl (he was NOT a fan of sticky corn syrup OR Peanut butter and for a moment I thought all hope was lost in him actually eating it after knowing what was in it!

He did have fun spreading it in the pan though
Celebrating with some presents
And, the finished cake. Chocolate on top of vanilla. Complete with trucks, ice cream boulders and M&M rocks.
Boy was he excited.
He went STRAIGHT for the M&M's.
And you know what...he never did eat the cake (or ice cream). The M&M's were enough.

But hey - it was cute!

Healthy Snack

Popcorn is a healthy snack right?
That is, if you don't do the microwave kind.
We air pop.
Jaden LOVES "ca-cohn"
But, because he also loves to copy his daddy.
He now loves HOT SAUCE on his "ca-cohn"
This is his face after pleading "ca-cohn, moah aht sahs, peas?" (popcorn, more hot sauce please?)
Well, at least the popcorn part is healthy right?


Please do NOT call Child Protective Services on us.
He climbed in himself
Have you ever noticed how two year olds like to crawl into small spaces?
Under the table, and tent made of a sheet strung over chairs in the living room or any blanket you care to throw over his head, the base of the podium at the office, or this dog kennel at Grandma's house. Oh dear! At least he couldn't figure out the latch and get stuck!


Playdough is a new favorite activity around our house. Of course, it helps that I found a cheap box of 100 cookie cutters that contains LOTS of our favorite shapes (trains, trucks, animals...)

So, the other day Jaden got to work creating
his masterpiece.

I still haven't found the playdough recipe I used. Bummer too because it was a good one! It's time to make some new stuff soon so I'll post the recipe then.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 Years Later

My last post was about the fact that it was the anniversary of the day my amazing husband asked me to marry him. Since we still live relatively close, we try to go back to the place he "popped the question" to celebrate when it works with the schedule.

You saw some of the pics of us that day in the last post. Here we are, seven years later, with a little one in tow!
Climbing the sand dunes
beach toys are the best!

oooo....walking up this hill is tricky!
Jaden's favorite thing to do is make mommy or daddy build sand castles and them promptly knock them over!
Nice mountain!

Buried in the sand!
Mommy too!
Daddy's turn!
running down the hill! FAST!
As you can see....our life revolves around something a little different these days! A BIG little blessing named JADEN!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Isn't it wonderful to remember the beautiful moments in life?

Today is our Anniversary. Well, the Anniversary of our Engagement.
I don't know if everyone celebrates the day their beloved asked them to marry them.
But, we do.
It's better than a commercialized Valentine's Day, I woke up to find this gorgeous bouquet on our kitchen table.

Six years ago, I was surprised by this
in a parking lot. And we got to go for a ride.

Then, I was surprised by this sweet moment.
A balloon, a question, a ring, a mariachi, a bunch of roses, and friends and family all around.

The best engagement story I've ever heard!
Six years doesn't seem that long ago.

And I love my hubby more than I thought was possible back then.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Composer

Who would have thought it....

Jaden likes music!

Here are a few of his recent compositions:
On Piano

On Harmonica

On the Drums

Vote for your favorite!

New Games

I saw this idea on another blog and thought Jaden might like it too.

I traced the outline of some kitchen utensils (although I wished I had larger paper) and set him to matching.
He LOVED an excuse to play with the things mommy cooks with!
Don't ask me what the black thing is though! I just found it in the drawer and it fit on the paper. Any ideas?

I've also been trying to be a bit more deliberate about transferring activities.
Beans have been a favorite.
I put out rice yesterday. He had fun with that too - until he tried to eat some. For some who have commented on how their kids would eat things like that.....
Well, we talked about how it wasn't cooked so we couldn't eat it. And, I knew it wouldn't injure him if he tried it. He played with it off and on most of the day before he tried to eat some. And....he realized QUICKLY that it doesn't taste good!
I guess this falls under the idea of letting your kids make decisions when the consequences are "affordable" (a book I'm reading) or allowing them opportunity to discover without trying to protect them from everything. (a reading/discussion blog I'm following).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Central TX

For Oma's funeral we made the long trek to Central TX. While it was a sad time, there was also a lot of joy. All of Stephen's brothers and sisters were able to come and it was the first time in a LONG time that we got to see a few of them. (Stephen's brother and wife had never even met Jaden although their kids had come to "grandparent camp" when he was a baby).

Of course, there is nothing better than sun, fresh spring air, and COUSINS!

After lunch the boys had to play in the drainage canal (dry of course)
Boy was it fun to run up and down that steep ramp
Jaden playing ball with Grandma H

We stayed in Oma's house. It has been mostly empty since she came to live with Stephen's parents although they had been there a few times to fix odds and ends. Stephen's sister and uncle spent a lot of time getting it ready for us to come.
And here Jaden had to help daddy and grandpa tidy up before the other cousins arrived
Playing games
all the cousins (plus Stephen's uncle's grandkids........I don't know what those are called! In my family I still call them cousins!)
Silly boy, silly mommy
Not maybe the BEST picture of the three of us....
Stephen's sister Laura's family
Stephen's sister Teri's family
Stephen's sister Angela's family
Stephen's brother Philip's family
Mom, Dad, bros and sisses......never a dull moment
a shot at getting everyone.....
there was a photographer....
hopefully his are better!
chillaxin' with a tootsie pop (having newly discovered candy I think this one might be an addict!)
checking out the river

telling stories
walking (running) home
playing at the park
and even a tractor to ride (don't tell the construction company working on the courthouse!)
Oma's house with SERIOUSLY the COOLEST TREE in front of it
doesn't it just SCREAM to you - CLIMB ME!!!