Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was SO thrilled to have 3 of my cousins visit us in August. Besides my parents and a 2 1/2 day visit from Jaden's Godmother (also my cousin) when she came for Jaden's baptism when he was one month old, they are the only ones of my family braving the long trip from the Frozen Tundra to the Smoldering Southwest. Sadly, my camera was on the fritz again while they were here and I still haven't recieved several of the best pictures by email so that I can share them with you all. But, here is what I do have.....

Alana, Lyle, and LaneWe did a bit of work helping to organize the warehouse at the mission where school backpacks were filled with supplies and given out to kids. So far the mission has distributed 700 backpacks and is still getting some to the missions across the border.

Our task was to organize the piles of boxes and sort boxes full of mixed supplies into boxes of like items (i.e. all pencils together, all glue, all markers, etc....)

We also did a lot of siteseeing.....
A tramway up to the top of the mountains...

a few area national parks, scenic drive overlooking the valley lights at night, a musical in an outdoor theatre summarizing the history of the region, and Mexican market....etc. But....these are all the pictures I have :-(
It was SO good to have family here! I hope they had a GREAT time and that they convince everyone else to come visit us too! :-)

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