Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's no secret that Jaden loves music. He has it in his blood I guess you can say. From his first days in the hospital choruses of "Alabare" and "Vamos a Alabar al Rey" have soothed him. I guess that's what you get when you spend 9 months of pregnancy dancing to and playing the same music ~ especially when the baby hears the guitar loud and clear through the mommy's belly right up into the last weeks!

Resucito has easily become one of Jaden's favorite songs lately. He asks for it ALL of the time, "Tito???" Since the other major word in the song is "Alleluia" I try to get him to say that too every now and then. It usually comes out more like "you-ya" but that's pretty close!

Here he is telling me what song he wants to hear.

He does a really good job of dancing to it too. (See the video below)

A few pics of the dancing machine in case you can't take the whole video....

In addition to dancing to music he LOVES to drum. We think we may have a percussionist on our hands. Thankfully I've been reasonably successful at enforcing the "we do not drum on people or walls" rule. But, balls, drums, floors.....well, they are all fair game!

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