Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Yummy Goodness

Jaden is now old enough that there is NO WAY I can get out of him noticing the ice cream truck – even if it can just barely be heard somewhere in our neighborhood. Of course, actually getting some is a special treat. This was the first of the season.

I figured, it is a sunny Saturday afternoon at the park. Doesn’t every little boy need a treat from the ice cream truck? I thought a push up would be LESS messy than some other option…..well – let’s just say it was STILL good I had a large container of baby wipes in the backpack!

But, I asked Jaden if he liked it. UmmmHummmm was his undeniable answer!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Problem Solving 101

Hmm...when the magnetic letters fall under the fridge, how do you get them out????

Muffin Tin Meals

Several months ago I discovered this blog. This mom comes up with themes like colors, Dr. Seuss, or other fun ideas and each Monday makes a meal served to her kiddos in a muffin tin. She says that her kids often eat MORE of their food and they have a lot of fun with the different ideas and presentation of the food. She also uses it as a way to easily introduce (or re-introduce) new foods.

I’ve always seen the pictures and thought it was so cute and fun. But, the reality of just getting food on the table AND getting Jaden to eat it is enough for me. But, lately I’ve realized that I give him a lot of things LIKE in these MTD (muffin tin dinners) cut up and in sections on his plate, maybe I could just make it a little more fun for a change.

It turns out, he LOVES it!

Here was our first attempt.

Strawberries, carrot sticks, Muenster cheese sticks, kiwi, and rolled ham.

Kiwi is pretty new for him and he didn’t eat it, he didn’t QUITE get through all the cheese or carrots but, he ate more than usual! I call that success!

Little Slugger

Jaden has been getting better and better at connecting with the ball. He gets some REALLY solid hits! Of course, it still drives me NUTS that he also thinks it is really fun to hit over the tee as well (while mommy retrieves the ball!) Lately I started a deal that if he hits the tee over he has to pick it up – that’s not mommy’s job too!

Chris and Erin came over for dinner and Jaden had to show off his skills!

Music Men

Here are Jaden and Daddy playing their recorders (or TRUMPETS, as Jaden calls them).