Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Adventure

Well, I still have a lot of old catching up to do. But, I'm going to try something new since we are embarking on yet another unique adventure and I have yet to blog about our last 2-5!!! As soon as I figure out how to get pictures from my camera to my Ipod or some other quick way of uploading them, I'll try to post every day or two. So, be on the lookout for this new series, "A Dairy of a Mariachi Tour". Coming soon!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Full Bed

Jaden has taken to sleeping with a lot of stuffed ducks – and a Cookie Monster. If one isn’t there we have to stop everything until we find it. I’m surprised there is still room for him on his little mattress!

Here we have Mommy, Jaden, Easter duck, Mariachi Duck, Cookie (in the bottom corner) and Donald. A full bed!

Sprinkler Fun

Lately Jaden has had a lot of fun helping Daddy water the grass. Mostly I think he loves to watch the water squirt out when he squeezes and trying to chase Daddy with the spray!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I decided tonight that I have to start writing down SOMEWHERE the crazy things that my kiddo does that make me laugh or I might never get around to remembering it in a journal.

I've decided to call it "Jadenisms" or the funny things Jaden does that I want to remember forever.

- Tonight in the bathtub he put two little boats over his fingers and suddenly declared that he was wearing "boat mittens." We then had to pretend that the bubbles were "snow". Of course, if you are wearing mittens and playing in the snow there is only one thing you can do. He decided that we had to build a "snowman" while wearing "boat mittens." So...we did!
- He has declared our red LeSabre sedan to be Lightning McQueen. He is now very excited every time we need to go somewhere in the car!
- We went to Red Lobster to celebrate finding out the new baby is a girl. Jaden ate almost all of the meat from the crab legs! Who knew a 2 year old could like crab so much!

Mariachi San Pablo

What a good looking crew!

Come see us in Nebraska next week!

July 22 – Omaha, NE

[Private Event] Entertainment for the International Global Village Dinner at the International Lutheran Laymen’s League Convention, 5:30pm, Location: Qwest Center Jr. Ballroom.

July 23 – Lincoln, NE

7:00-9:00pm – Nebraska State Penitentary – Performance with Religious Services for inmates.

July 24 – Lincoln, NE

4:30-8:00pm – Outdoor Carnival and Concert – Trinity Lutheran Church -724 S 12th St Lincoln, NE. Mariachi San Pablo will perform various sets. Other entertainment includes the “Grupo Folklorico Sangre Azteca”, a pinata, Joan Wells a trick roper. Food is available. For more information call Tom Pruitt – (402)474-0606.

July 25 – Omaha, NE & Fremont, NE

9:00am Worship, 10:30am Bible Study - Mount Olive Lutheran Church, 7301 N 28th Ave Omaha, NE. For information call (402)455-8700

3:00pm Concert – Trinity Lutheran Church, 1546 N. Luther Rd, Fremont, NE. For information call (402)721-5536.

July 27 - Grand Island, NE

6:00pm, Outreach Concert. Each year Peace Lutheran Church runs an outreach Vacation Bible School in one of the city’s trailer parks. In this concert Mariachi San Pablo will assist them in this outreach effort as a follow-up event to their annual VBS the week before. For more information contact Peace Lutheran Church: (308)384-5673

July 28 – Hastings, NE

7:15pm Concert – Peace Lutheran Church, 906 California Ave. For more information call 402-462-9023.

July 30 – Grand Island, NE

Perform for employees of Swift Meat Packing Plant during lunch and dinner shift meal breaks.

July 31 – Grand Island, NE

7:00pm – Concert. Ashley Park 220 W. Capital Ave. For more information call 308-389-4611.

August 1 – Grand Island, NE

8:00 & 10:30am Worship – Peace Lutheran Church 1710 N North Rd. For more information call 308-384-2001

2:00pm Spanish Worship – Cristo Cordero de Dios 512 E 2nd St. For more information call 308-389-4611.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Snowball" Transfer

I had been saving egg cartons for quite some time. Finally, one day I got an idea for a new transferring activity.

Items needed:

  • - - Bowl
  • - Cotton balls
  • - Easy to operate tweezers – or as I used a bamboo toast tongs
  • - Empty egg carton

Transfer cotton balls (snowballs to Jaden) from bowl to egg carton holes using only the tongs.

He LOVED it!

Backyard Camping

Before the weather here got TOO hot, we enjoyed a few nights camping in the backyard. I think Stephen was inspired by grilling out (pics of that to come) and eating on the patio table. So, one night we decided to set up the tent and sleep outside. Jaden was REALLY excited about playing in the tent and reading in the tent. When it was time to sleep he wanted to go back inside but, we convinced him to stay with us!
It was pretty fun! I guess we’ll have to do it again when the weather cools down. OR actually GO camping somewhere!

Taco Nachos

Make 1 lb. ground beef according to taco seasoning package directions. Layer tortilla chips, taco meat, and toppings on plate. We used shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, black beans, advocado, shredded muenster cheese. YUMMY!!!! Fast AND relatively healthy (as long as you put more veggies than meat!)

And, the toddler “muffin tin dinner” version.

Trip to NM and CO

So, it was brought to my attention today that I haven’t posted on this blog in over a month. And, when I looked back at all the pics waiting to have their stories told I realized HOW far behind I really was. So…..

Way back in the day – around Mother’s Day – we took a trip to NM, where I spoke at a Women’s Appreciation Luncheon, and CO where Stephen went to a training for LCEF. It seems life has been INSANE since then and I haven’t posted ANYTHING. I guess I’ll try to do some catching up. Sorry, that means the next several posts might be a bit dated! (even if they do still contain cute pics!)

We didn’t get many pictures of this trip but, we did get to see one of Jaden’s favorite things. A TRAIN! The last coal burning steam engine to have been used, to be more specific.

Lucky us, there were also several tractors and building equipment set up along the side of the road near the park we stopped at as the crews took a break for the night. At first we weren’t sure if they were part of the “train display” but later, after climbing around and having a good time “driving” them, we figured they were probably just resting for the night. WHOOPS!

Oh well. Jaden sure had fun “DRIVING!"

Mother's Day - better posting late than never!

My Mother’s Day present came with the most creative wrapping paper and card ever! Daddy and Jaden worked hard on this one! And, it’s a fun toy – an Ipod Touch!

Handyman in Training

A while ago Grandpa H was fixing a cabinet and Jaden was over at their house. Of course, when it comes to tools, Jaden wants to jump right in. He is already getting to be a pro with a screwdriver (although he’s more likely to call it “turner” – Handy Manny you know).

Here he is helping to fix the cabinet!