Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bubble Bath....and a BIG Mess

I still have some catching up to do but....these pics from last night were too funny to wait until I catch up!

Jaden got to take his first bubble bath. He was excited about the bubbles but not too sure what to do when they showed up EVERYWHERE.

He spent awhile trying to figure out why the bubbles were stuck to his hands every time he pulled them out of the water and why they didn't disappear when he poked around in the basket. So...he decided to dump them out of there. Once he would finally get them out, he would try to scoop up bubbles and put them back in the basket along with his toys.
Pretty fun! I just hope we don't have to have BUBBLES with EVERY bath now!
Of course...after getting nice and squeaky clean...and taking a LONG bath and staying up WAY too late...Jaden decided he was hungry and needed a bedtime snack.
He also decided that he wanted YOGURT and that HE wanted to feed HIMSELF.

FYI to all you mom's out there....yogurt is not a good post-bath snack with a toddler who insists on doing it himself!

Mommy...this is yummy....but slimy!
hmm....i can draw on my chest.....
So...we cleaned yogurt off of face, neck, chest, shoulders, elbows, hands, highchair, mommy, the wall and the floor.
Next time I'll try to convince him to have a snack BEFORE bath time!

1 comment:

  1. What a way to make grandma smile
    :-)and tear up at the same time. Miss ya. I'll get a few gallons of bubble bath for when you head this direction.