Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Lesson #3 & #4

Surely I've had more life lessons in the last 9 months than I've posted about but, this particular morning made me remember I had once invented that as a category on my blog. This incident seemed like it would make good material.

We eat a lot of frozen berries in our house. My routine with serving frozen berries is
1) empty the portion desired into the bowl
2) seal bag and return unused berries to the freezer
3) continue thawing berries in microwave or use however else you were going to use them.

Note - step 2.

Life Lesson #3 is - don't deviate from your routine when it comes to frozen berries. There is a reason you have that as your routine. In about 30 seconds (the time it took me to walk from the table to the sink to the microwave - my kitchen isn't very big remember) the berries left in the bag melted enough so that they shifted enough to tip the bag over thereby spilling berries ALL OVER the floor.

Thankfully I had my nice new Hoover Floormate. After picking up the berries, rinsing them, and returning them to the freezer (yes - they are fine and reusable...my floor's not THAT dirty!) I ran the floormate to get the stains up.See...nice and shiny.
except, of course, the grout. GRRR!
Next attempt - all purpose clearer and some good old fashioned scrubbing.
YEA! Sparkling clean
Hmm....Life Lesson #4 - don't allow a toddler to eat thawed berries unsupervised while you clean up spilled berries from the floor unless you want another clean-up job!
Jaden was apparently intently watching me scrub the floor and did some scrubbing of his own....spoon on tray "cleaning" the berries
What a good helper! :-)


  1. You must have taken the Good Housekeeping challenge. I'm impressed.

  2. Hi, Krysia,

    I've been awake with for two hours and blog surfing, listening for granddaughter Camille to wake again (must still be teeth) and my husband and cat to quit snoring. I haven't looked at your blog in a while so here I sit. (FYI, I go to church w/your parents, and our daughter Jenna and her husband Aaron and daughter Camille have lived with us for over a year.)

    Any way, your berry story reminded me of one of Jenna's berry stories.

    I was doing soundboard one weekend at church and I called home during 10:30 worship (don't tell) to ask what was for dinner. My husband laughed. Turns out Jenna was thawing blueberry puree in the microwave(she made most of Camille's baby food when she first started on solids) and pulled the (thankfully) small plastic dish out when it slipped from her fingers (who knows why) and the dish hit the stove before landing face up on the floor. Well, after it landed, the impact caused the blueberry puree to go upwards...all the way to the ceiling and everywhere in between.

    When I had called Tom and he was laughing, I think they were wrapping up a half hour or so of cleaning! Mind you, we had just remodeled and painted our kitchen not too many months before that. They did a great job of getting it washed up before it stained the walls. We think about that every time she thaws blueberries.

    Just wanted to share that with you.

    Have a blessed day. I saw in the bulletin that you're speaking at church...is it this weekend? I know your parents will be delighted to see you again, even after that last-minute trip to Nebraska.

    Sue M.