Sunday, January 31, 2010


Shortly into the new year after our return home from our MN trip Oma (Stephen´s Grandma) passed away. She had been struggling with the progression of Alzheimer´s for some time and had been living in our town with Stephen´s parents for the last 5 years.

While it was wonderful to have her with us - and Jaden always had fun entertaining her! - we know that she is truly at home with her heavenly father and her loved ones that have gone before. While we are sad that we can´t spend time with her we know that she no longer struggles with the confusion and failing body that she had here on earth. She is now where all things are perfect, in heaven. Her life was an example of a strong and vibrant faith - to the very end.

We were blessed to spend her 91st birthday with her in early December - celebrating life - and singing some of her favorite songs.

The funeral was held in Blanco, TX where she was buried next to her husband.
She loved flowers and grew many varieties throughout her life. And, she had beautiful flowers given in memory of her life.

From her grandkids

from her great-grandkids
- from her children
we had some photos up of her. from left to right - her wedding picture, her and her husband Wilbert, a picture taken of her this fall
various pictures of her with her kids, grandkids and great grandkids, and one of her as a young woman
we put pictures that we had of her living here for the last 5 years on a digtal frame so those from her hometown that hadn´t seen her much since her move could see what she had been up to
there was a beautiful worship service complied by her daughter that celebrated her life and the assurance we have of a heavenly home
it was a rainy, windy day
so the gravesite ceremony was brief

We rejoice that she is free from the burdens of this world and at peace, living in joy with her Father God


I always find Jaden in interesting sleeping positions. It seems he likes to have his head covered.
Nearly gives me a heart attack every time and I search frantically to make sure he can breathe. But, I'm getting used to it. Somehow, in his sleep-burrowing, he always has a clear path to the nose!

Higher Higher

Jaden has a favorite song on the Watoto Children's Choir CD - Higher Higher. He watches the video at Grandma H's all the time so we've been working on the actions. Actually, he's teaching me how to do them right.

First of all, I just think it's funny that he's sitting in this laundry basket WITH a giant beach ball. I thought he'd get mad at the ball once he got in but I guess he just wanted to be a sardine.

And here's the dancing


...are the best thing in life!

Christmas at Home

After all of the Posadas, the Christmas Eve Service, Christmas day flights to MN, mountains of presents at Grandma & Grandpa's house, and 10 days of bumming around with family....
...returning home to our still messy from the Mariachi Christmas Party house (see the stack of chairs still there) and presents from mommy and daddy was pretty anti-climactic for me.

But, Jaden didn't mind. He saw presents and he saw Thomas wrapping paper and he was EXCITED!
We were even able to Skype with Grandma & Grandpa K while he opened them
I'll spare you the details and a bunch of not so great photos. But, lets just say we've had to get creative about toy storage and I'm looking for a realistic toy rotation system.

Of course, some things that Jaden received that I thought he would have a lot of time to "grow into" like puzzles and Mr. Potato Head he gets like an old hat. I dn't know how he's able to put together the difficulty level of puzzles that he does but he LOVES them. Obviously those gifts won't have us set until next Christmas. He's too quick!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

MONSTER post of MN trip

We went to MN/SD for around 10 days, starting on Christmas Day.
We were blessed to spend a lot of time with my parents and LOTS of other family and friends.

There are about a billion pictures of our trip but, I tried to select the highlights. But, there are still TONS. Hope you enjoy!

Jaden got to open LOTS of presents. The ones from Grandma & Grandpa K were almost all wrapped in Frosty the Snowman paper so now presents are referred to as "no-man, nts". He was also asking for "more no-man nts???"
Of course, among the favorites was anything related to Thomas the train. (See the backpack which he immediately wanted to wear?)
It was fun to have grandma read stories
We went on a trip to SD to visit family and Jaden got to get some wiggles out at the mall park after several hours in the car.
We were blessed to see some family that we haven't seen for a LONG time. (Well, Jaden and I had seen Nate, Becky and Abigail when they drove through our city on their LONG move from FL to CA) but Stephen had never met them and my parents hadn't seen them in a LONG LONG time.
My cousin Josh and his kiddos
my Uncle Joel & Aunt Lori
Becky is my parent's goddaughter

New Year's Eve we were in SD celebrating at a hotel with some of my mom's side of the family. Jaden really enjoyed the noisemakers!

teaching baby Braylee how to blow!
Jaden discovered this hat in Arlene's closet. It looks like the hat the judge is wearing in one of his FAVORITE Thomas the train books "Go Train Go" so of course, he had to try it on. Sorry Arlene!
Us with my parents and grandparents

My fun and crazy uncle Denny trying to make Jaden smile for the photos
Grandma & Grandpa Great with the great-grandkids. FIVE (so far)

Keely was really nice to let Jaden play on her new keyboard

Jaden got a little Thomas drum from Aunt Karen and he LOVES wearing/playing it all over the house!
He also had a good time playing with Baby Kellan
Don't you just love those big blue eyes and that drooly smile!??!?
With my cousin Melanie
With Great Grandma!
DO NOT try to play Mexican Train Dominoes with Jaden around unless you are willing to use pennies for trains because he will take over control of the trains in a second!
Playing with Godmother Kayla
And Bannon
The harmonica is Jaden's newest musical instrument
Of course, when in Minnesota, you HAVE to bundle up to go play in the snow.
Umm.....mommy....i can't move!
No...I'm not kidding....really, I can't bend my arms through all these layers! But, don't you LOVE Daddy's hat!?!?!?
Not too sure about walking on this stuff
the sled seems fun though

I still can't move!
Fun, even if it only lasts for 20 minutes (the amount of time it took you to get all the clothes ON!)

Daddy left the day before Jaden and I so after taking him to the airport we went to the Mall of America to ride some rides.

Jaden immediately saw the Diego bus and wanted to hop on!
also the blue train...
the race cars.....
the spinning puppy dogs
a tractor train.....
and SEMI TRUCKS!!!!!!
Life is pretty fun when you're ONE!