Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, you have to start somewhere. I'm trying to catch up on May postings so, hopefully I'll get bits and pieces done this week and give you all some new pictures to look at!

This isn't really a picture from Mother's Day other than I was trying to get a pictures for the Grandma's Mother's Day presents and came up with this cute one!

For my 1st Mother's Day I got to hang out with my baby a lot but I hardly saw my husaband. Mother's Day is a VERY busy time for the mariachi. It is the ULTIMATE honor to be serenaded by a mariachi on Mother's Day so LOTS of people hire the group. The group also tries to do a lot of things that bring hope and encouragement to those who are having a tough time. So, in addition to several paid performances the mariachi was out and about bringing hope to at nursing homes, a drug rehabilitation center for mothers, and serenading some moms that have had a tough year for one reason or another. Of course, the group often will serenade the moms of group members and they stopped by the H's house during a break to serenade Jeanette, Rowena and I (and get some food and water!). It was fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FYI - the Travel Log

Just a quick note. The "oo" on the travel log means driving miles. A "><" will mean flying miles. We'll see how quickly they add up! If anyone knows how to do some kind of a counter thing and could teach me, that would be GREAT!

The Trip

Well, the 2nd trip to Albuquerque was great. Jaden did great in the car again and was only upset the last hour on the return trip - not too bad of a traveler!!! The mariachi did a GREAT job at their concert on Saturday and at church on Sunday. For me it really is a very different experience sitting on the sidelines and hearing them play rather than being in the middle of it. I have to hold myself back from belting out the choruses on songs because I figure the people sitting around me probably want to hear the whole group sound, not just me in their ear!

While I was sitting in the car feeding Jaden while everyone else was setting up and getting ready for the concert I was talking to my mom on the phone. She asked, "Do you miss it?" I said, "no, not really" but I'm not sure that is entirely accurate. I don't miss loading and unloading the van and being one of the ones in charge trying to get everything ready. I enjoy getting to help out as much as I am able depending on Jaden's mood and if he needs to eat at the time. I get to be there - if not I think I would miss it TONS! I miss playing a little bit and I miss singing "Hacia la Cruz" the MOST! We'll see. Maybe I'll figure out how to work my way back into playing!

Anyway, here are some pictures for you!

It was a beautiful, sunny, not too hot day for the concert

Here is even a little video of one of our most popular songs! Vamos a Alabar al Rey (Let's All Praise the King) I happen to really like the singer! And look - they are all even DANCING!

And here's one of Jaden dancing with Grandpa H!

Jaden REALLY enjoys putting his fists in his mouth. He can't get too many other things into it yet but he really loves trying. He has been very successful at getting blankets and other fabrics in though. I wonder if he'll get some kind of fuzzball! This picture is an example of how Jaden tells me that he is DONE burping and ready for more FOOD!

Jaden loves his Grandpa recliner!

On the way home we had to take a break about 45 minutes before getting home because Jaden just was NOT happy in his car seat. Here is the "little man" taking a stretch with his tie on and everything! ;-)

Jaden is getting much better at tummy time but he was particularily smiley this day on mommy's lap, getting tickled. Maybe he was having fun and maybe he was just happy to NOT be strapped into the car!