Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

Here are my Halloween cuties!

After 2 weeks of insisting that he wanted to be a frog based on the fact that he had seen a frog mask we had while we were putting up Halloween decorations, Jaden would NOT wear the frog mask! But, a friend had given us a frog eyes headband and he did consent to that although I had to almost tackle him to paint his hair green! Alivia didn't really like getting dressed in her dalmation costume but, once it was on, seemed oblivious!

With a couple of big Jack-o-lanterns as parents!
It was Jaden's "job" to ring the doorbell and once Alivia heard it go off she would walk quickly up the walk towards the door. Even at 10 months she TOTALLY understood what this was about and when someone would say "Trick or Treat" she'd hold the bucket up.
Stephen's parent's neighborhood is like trick-or-treat central. I don't know HOW many hundreds of people show up. They had 4 giant bags of candy and we had brought 4 more and it ALL disappeared! Once the trick-or-treaters started showing up Jaden was so excited about giving candy to his "customers."

Every time there would be a break between trick or treaters (sometimes they were lined up the walk all the way to the street) he would see some coming down the street and do a little dance yelling "Yay...there are MORE trick or treaters coming!"

He also would comment on the costumes of the people he gave candy to and say things like "You'll like this one" as he carefully placed the candy in their bags. It was SOOOO funny! It was clear he had more fun giving the candy away than he did going door to door!
Of course, Alivia had to help!
She really wanted to EAT all the candy! Every time we'd turn around she'd be trying to knaw her way through another wrapper!
It was a SUPER fun night! And I just so happen to think that I have the most FUN kiddos ever!

Here were the decorations outside our house! I saw this cute idea in Pinterest but here's the direct link. Super easy and cute. After seeing one other house with these in our neighborhood I think next year I'll try white milk jugs instead of clear (although that would require buying a different brand of milk). Also, orange lights look really cool. Maybe next year we'll have pumpkins AND ghosts!
We also tried Ghost Jello Treats from here. I would say these take a bit of work to make really cute - but if you don't care about perfection and are okay with the below they are quite easy. Of course, Jaden wouldn't eat it! He just wanted plain jello!