Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quick Update

I'll have to add some photos later but I wanted to be sure to upload this video so Daddy could see it (it's too big to email!) I'll add more later!

Jaden enjoying the game of BOOM! A note to all of you parents out there who have NOT already figured this out....this is NOT a good game! Ever since this day, every time Jaden has his sippy cup he, at one point or another, holds in over his head and brings it down hard onto whatever is nearby looking for a reaction from me. Hmmm...I only started saying BOOM in this video because he was already laughing. I wonder how long it will take to undo!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Week of Fun

I hope you like pictures! That's really what everyone looks at a blog for anyway, right? Please PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong!!!! If so, I'll TRY to come up with something more interesting!!

We've had a bit of a busy week. One of Stephen's sisters and her 6 kids have been here all week so we've been hanging out with them, trying to work, get ready to leave for Utah and Minnesota, and still get a good night's rest!

Here are a few pictures to catch up and then our recent adventures...

I just think this guy is the cutest sleeping or awake!

Yes, he does PLAY in his crib....although sleeping is still questionable! He is doing better though! Thanks to Ed & Carol for this FUN toy! He loves the music, bubbles, and the buttons to spin and push.
Walking around with cousin Matthew. - Jaden has been giving EVERYONE in the family their exercise!
Aunt Laura with Joshua AND Jaden! What an ARMFUL!
Over the weekend we went to the "Festival of Nations" where the kids got to play some games and Kate got to jump on this really cool bungee trampoline thing!
Jaden hung out in the stroller and eventually took a nap.

Is it just me, or does he TOTALLY look like a Kludt in this picture???

Jaden climbs on anything these days, chairs, trumpet cases, the name it, if its on the floor its fair game!

I moved his toybox out from its hiding place next to the couch and I think this is a much better deal. It might mean I have to pick a few more things up but, he is REALLY entertained with standing up and looking in, taking things out, and even occasionally putting them back in!

We went to Peter Piper Pizza and Jaden and Joshua had a great time "driving!"

Jaden also went on his first Carosel Ride.

Then Bonnie and Kate came over to our house and we made "scaredy cakes." We made a LOT, so they were decorating them FOREVER!

Aren't they cute?

Jaden had a good time hanging out in the high chair and playing on the floor while they worked!

Here's a video of Jaden's new skill - clucking his tongue.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Revelation

No pictures tonight...I just thought I'd share what has been on my mind today.

Lately I've been frustrated that Jaden is not sleeping longer or doesn't want to fall asleep easily, or that he's super clingy during the day sometimes, that I can't seem to get my work done and keep up with the house. But, tonight I had a revelation. It came after we had completed the whole bedtime routine and instead of falling asleep, he sat up, clapped his hands, and started giggling! After we played for awhile longer - me trying to tire him out and just getting tired out myself - I realized something...

I don't really care if he doesn't sleep as well as he "should" as long as he's getting enough rest to stay healthy.
I don't really care if he's clingy during the day, because it means that he wants ME.
I don't really care if he wakes up at night and needs to be rocked.
I don't really care if he can only fall asleep nursing or dancing around the kitchen.

Why? Because he's only 8 months old. Because he's ALREADY 8 months old. Because he's not going to be this little forever. Because I don't think there is any better dance partner than a baby boy in a dark kitchen. Because I don't think there is anything sweeter than a baby asleep on your shoulder with his arms around your neck and his sweet breath tickling you.

So...even though I'm tired - I'll survive. Work can wait. The laundry will get folded later. I'll pick up the toys tomorrow (or we'll just play with the ones that are already out on the floor). The dishes were just going to get dirty again anyway.

I only have this baby boy for a little while. He'll be my son forever, but as a baby, he won't stay. Despite the other demands of life and my ideas, I'm determined to enjoy and revel in every sweet second that I can.

I remember my mom talking about how she loved to lay on the couch with me asleep on her chest. I always thought that was sweet. Now I understand. There's nothing better!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Discovery

Jaden found a new thing to chew on yesterday!
Yup - that's right - daddy's ear! OUCH!!!!!!!!
Today I noticed that his 5th tooth has broken through! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????? TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Busy Weekend

Sorry there are a lot of pictures in this post (although I'm guessing you don't mind!). I couldn't decide which ones to keep and which ones to eliminate, so I just kept them all! I just think my kiddo has a million cute faces!

Last week Jaden was really funny one morning and I was trying to get a picture of his CRAZY hair!

Here he came after me and the camera!

On Friday Stephen had the day off and we decided to go out for a walk. Jaden wanted to walk too (at least for a while before preferring to ride in the stroller!) His old hat was too small and it was a little sunny so Daddy lent Jaden his! A bit too big - but totally cute! (Quin, do you remeber giving me that hat?)

Revving up and gaining speed!

Mommy's turn! We have to trade off - bending over like that can really give your back muscles a workout!

Aren't I cool?
On Saturday and Sunday the Mariachi group played before and during intermission for a Bruce Nehring Consort concert at the Loretto Chapel. It is a BEAUTIFUL church (although you can't tell too much from the narthex!) Jaden enjoyed listening and, of course, started clapping on Alabare!
Since Stephen had many responsibilities with at the church over the weekend, he played with the mariachi before the concert and during intermission, and he was asked to join the choir singing his voice (and body) was TIRED by the end of the weekend. He was going nonstop talking and singing Sat from about 9-9 and Sun from 8-7! This morning, Jaden was restless but tired too. He couldn't fall back to sleep until Daddy picked him up, wrapped him up, and snuggled him good! I think this baby likes to cuddle! ;-)
Today Jaden got good and messy while eating lunch and dinner. He is starting to want to handle the spoon himself. It's pretty funny, since he doesn't quite understand yet that it has to go in his mouth right side up! (Luz, note - he IS wearing the Converse sneakers!)

And here is a little video of him in action! Supper went a bit more smoothly, but he was still REALLY messy! ;-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Forgot...

Last weekend with the Mariachi group Jaden had his first step into Arizona! That makes 8 states so far!

Where does everything go???

In the MOUTH of course...

Jaden's adventures today consisted of putting EVERYTHING in his mouth! I have my suspicions that in additiom to his two top teeth that are barely poking their way through, he is also working on another bottom one. I think so because he keeps feeling it with his tongue and he has an excessive amount of drool again. Also, EVERYTHING is going in the mouth these days.

Here is a running photo log of Jaden's dventures today. The pics focus on just couple of objects but, what was I going to do....follow him around with a camera all day???

First - the handle of the toy wagon...

From the outside his mouth looks deceivingly small. Who would have thought he would get the WHOLE handle in his mouth...and enjoy it immensly

Ahh..a break - look a phone! One of my other favorite things!!!

Oh, of course - that goes in the mouth too!

Back to the handle - boy this sure is a good fit!

Finally, after a long day of play....a pizza crust! MY FIRST PIZZA!!!