Monday, September 14, 2009

Office and Books

Jaden goes with me to the office at least every Thursday. We usually have our staff meeting in the library so he gets to check out all the books on the shelves! At first it was a chore convincing him that he can't take them all off the shelves like he used to do at home but, now he's got it down.

Doesn't he look studious? Checking out the new camera

Looking at pictures of the mariachi on Ann's computer

Back at home reading books with Daddy!

Jaden has more and more patience for books and he will often point out things on the page and say the words or make the animal sound without any prompting from us. Some days he even surprises me with a word I didn't know he knew!

Of course....the Thomas the Train book the librarian gave him is by FAR his favorite!

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