Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Adventure

This weekend we went with the Mariachi to play for a LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) Rally. We went to Gallup, NM and got to take a side trip on Saturday afternoon the the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Park. Stephen says that everyone should visit this place at least once in their lifetime! It really was amazing. I had been there before, but I had forgotten how beautiful it is! The mariachi members enjoyed the trip and Jaden had a great time (although he was a little tired of the car by the end....and the rest of us were tired of singing Alabare to keep him happy!) That little guys is crazy! He can be crying and upset, sick of sitting in the carseat and as SOON as you start singing Alabare, his crying is off like you flipped a light switch. But, if you try to switch to a different song - flip - it's right back on again! I wonder what age that will last until!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend!

Jaden & Daddy sitting on a petrified log.

Jaden LOVES riding around on Daddy's shoulders. Daddy is convinced that THIS is how men get bald spots. SOMETIMES Jaden uses Daddy's ears as handles, but most of the time it is his hair!

I just had to include this funny picture of Miguel! It is so crazy to think that there were really trees this big in the middle of what is now the desert!

Here's the whole group (minus Stephen taking the picture)

I thought this one turned out pretty cool!

And here is Jaden "hiking"!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So yesterday was a beautiful day outside and we spent a little time under our one tree (well, really it's more a bush than a tree - but it does provide some shade!)

Jaden had a good time hanging out with Daddy and Jack

He even decided to give Jack a little hug! Good thing Daddy had given Jack a bath only about an hour earlier!

One of Jaden's newest skills is clapping! He doesn't exactly do it on cue yet, and we're not always too sure what he's applauding, he'll just start all of a sudden. He happens to have a really cute look on his face when he does it so, even if you're in the middle of a conversation, pretty much everyone stops what they were saying and says Yeaaaa!!! (or Bravo! if they're a Spanish speaker!)

This morning Jaden was antsy and wanted to go walking so, we headed outside for a stroll down the sidewalk. He became very distracted by the LOUD garbage truck (you can hear our garbage truck about 3 streets away!) So, he had fun watching it come down the street!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Busy

Well, we're still having fun here. We keep trying new things every day! This week I was VERY proud of myself. I MADE baby food. It wasn't even that hard! Here are the pictures of the finished nectarines. I figure it is equivalent to about 8 or 9 baby food jars! Hey, depending on the brand that is about $8-9!!! I had read that if you cooked the food in water it could lose some of the nutrients but you could later use the leftover water containing the nutrients to thin the food. So, I froze the water too. I actualy think I'll use it in Jaden's teether mesh bag as a cool treat! Little nectarine-cicles! I only thought to take a picture by the time I had it in the ice cube trays so, no photos of the process. The next day (yesterday) I made beans (about 4 jars worth) and carrots (about 12 jars worth). So, since produce was SUPER cheap (i.e. 3 lbs nectarines for 99 cents, 3 lbs. carrots 99 cents, 1 lb beans 99 cents) I spent less than $3 for $24 worth of baby food!!!! And, for another $1 today I'm hoping to make about $12 worth of pears! Now the trick is just to get Jaden to eat them!!! The texture is a little different than the store bought baby food so he's been making some funny faces. But, he seems to like the taste!

I most have been in a "domestic mood" because I also made Banana Muffins! YUM!! Sorry dad, they didn't have any nuts (and they were missed!) Actually, I wasn't that domestic. It's just that bananas were 3lbs for $1 also!

Since we don't have stairs Jaden learned to crawl up onto the box.
Here is a note to readers with younger kiddos than Jaden. DO NOT allow your kid to do this!!!!!! You will be amazed at his/her ability, grab the camera and in trying to get a good picture, he/she will look at you, lose their balance and promptly fall and smack their head on the floor. Trust me, it's not worth it! (PS, despite the tumble that caused a few tears, Jaden is just fine - thankfully, it was a very short box!)
Jaden is enjoying the bouncer more these days. Every once in a while he'll really get bouncing and it's SO funny! This is about the only way I get dinner made or the dishes done!

Here he is wearing a hat from Naomi, Paul & Jonah. Of course, he's not wearing the rest of the outfit. He was just helping mommy with the laundry!

And, here's Jaden with his new friend courtesy of Barb & Gary! What fun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Day, A New Discovery

Jaden finally got the crawling thing down today. He has been inching his way around the living room this last week. But, today when we were at the church, he had a big open space and took off! We tried to replicate it at home for the camera but we only got a few little "steps". We'll work on a better video for later.

Oh, and by the way...we think we found his Halloween costume (thanks Steve, Jill & Marco!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some New Firsts

Well, Stephen and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on the 4th of September. Time flies when you're having fun! Since we got married I have fallen in love with making cakes, however, Stephen is not much of a cake eater. He prefers pies. Frankly, for some reason, pies scare me. They seem way too complicated. But, because I love my husband (and because I got a great magazine of recipies from my mom) I decided to try it as an Anniversary gift. Sure, I cheated and used a store-bought crust...(one has to start SOMEWHERE) but, it turned out really good AND it wasn't that hard. So, I guess, I'm learning to like to make pies as well!
I cut out little hearts but, the filling kind of bubbled out. Oh well....

This week Jaden went to his first football game! We went to a High School game because one of the youth from church, Thomas, was playing in the marching band and wanted us to see their performance. The band did a great job, especially for being so early in the season. I think we'll go to another game or a competition later to see their complete show. Jaden was enthralled by the drums!

Of course, he also had a really good time playing with Grandpa, riding on Daddy's shoulders, and he REALLY enjoyed the confetti!

This last picture is from yesterday. Jaden stayed with Grandma & Grandma H while Stephen and I went to a movie for our anniversary (a few days late). He was SO happy and playful and if you look close you can see his 2 bottom teeth! I think this might possibly be the CUTEST picture taken of him yet!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Oh, I forgot to mention in the last post that yesterday Jaden pulled himself to standing next to the couch!!!

I had stood him next to the couch and he hangs onto the sofa cover. He thinks it's really funny when I lay down on the couch in front of him. He just laughs and laughs. But, he lost his balance and fell over. However, he was determined and his grip on the sofa cover was solid and he pulled himself right back up TWICE! He tried a third time but just couldn't quite make it! the same morning he also tried to pull himself up on the bookshelf...and fell on his head. And, he tried to pull himself up on the TV stand....and fell on his head. So, he's determined but bound to get a few bumps and bruises along the way!

He also started clucking his tongue yesterday. It's pretty funny. Now, when he walks around holding onto our hands he is either buzzing his lips like a little motor or clucking his tongue! What a silly guy! He defnintely is a vocal one! I wonder where he gets it! ;-)

Settling In

I guess you could say that we're settling in. I think we've been home for THREE WHOLE WEEKS now!!! WOW!!!!

I've been doing more cooking at home. Jaden remembers his toys. Our house stays relatively clean! Our refrigerator has groceries on a regular basis. We're kind of figuring out a rhythm to
daily life. Pretty amazing!
Here are a few pictures....
I've been cooking lately and some of the things actually turn out looking really pretty as well as tasting good!
This one is Asian Noodle Salad. I don't know why they call it Salad - it really is a meal. Stephen liked this one a lot. I thought it was pretty good. You can find the recipie here...:
This one was a tropical chicken salad. YUMMY!!!! And PRETTY!
Here is the recipie for that one...
Tropical Chicken Salad
1 lb ckn breast cut into ½ inch strips
2 Tbs blackening seasoning blend
1 Tbs canola oil
Bag of mixed baby salad greens (5.5 oz – 4 cups)
1 med mango (1 cup) peeled and diced
½ med red onion sliced (3/4 cup)
1 small red bell pepper chopped (1/2 cup)

2/3 c. Raspberry Vinaigrette

Put chicken in Ziploc, put seasoning, shake, cook ckn in skillet med high heat in oil for 7-10 minutes until no longer pink
Toss together
Here is Jaden hanging out wearing a new shirt from Grandma K. I think it is laying down that makes his cheeks look so chubby! Because really I think he is starting to thin out a little (a LITTLE I said!!)
Here is Jaden playing with the BEST part of the package from Grandma & Grandpa K...the PAPER!!!

Just kidding, he loved the toys IN the box too!