Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Rest

So....slightly over one month after returning from MN...here are the rest of the pictures. What can I say....we just visited too many fun places and too many special people to abbreviate. Look for more recent updates to come!

J helping Grandma K water the flowers. He loves doing this with the hose at home but the bucket is fun too!

On our SD jaunt J got to see his ??? (mommy's cousin) Alana run in a track meet.

But, it was HOT (even for El Pasoans!) so he relaxed on the bench in the shade a bit
...that is...until he found a little friend (see squirmy girl in the back) willing to share her popcorn

Aunt Trish and Uncle Al have a cool rocking horse!
And...when mommy forgets to pack pajamas and sends Daddy and Lyle to Walmart....we get

Faster than a speeding bullet
And WAY too silly for bedtime!

I think he was trying to fly!

We also visited Great Grandma and Grandpma B. J had fun with the "antique" toys
and decided that it was too warm out for pants. Here we have a pantless budding soccer player

is this taking a break, or is he hoping for a huddle?
playing with Great Grandma B
Swimming with Daddy at the hotel....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I'm not too sure about this daddy!
Finally it looks like he's having fun!
One more shot with Great G&G B
Back in MN we did a little furniture shopping. Don't ask why. Of COURSE we found the couch we would LOVE to own. I mean...a chaise, underneath storage, and a hide-a-bed....seriously....it's genius (and comfy)! Now we just have to figure out how to get it from Ikea to our house without paying $400 shipping!
We liked this one too (minus a few of the pillows). I am in a RED phase and seem to like just about everything that is the color. But again....there is a shipping problem.
Back at G&G K's house. J found the most high-tec toys yet. Is he training to be an astronaut? A scuba diver?
or just silly?
ahhh....plastic bowls and non-baby proofed cabinets. It just doesn't get better for a little guy
Busy guys hard at work
J kindly rearranged ALL of Grandpa K's rocks while we were there
Yes, that is Mommy's old Tonka truck - they just don't make them the same anymore!
Eating lunch on the patio
And trying to eat all of mommy's cookie shake
HEY - where did it go????
Another use for the Tonka truck. now hauling wood.

The grill masters performing the super crucial taste test! Yup....those were GOOD steaks!
Finally all tuckered out.
Ready to go again
The giant ball was a favorite but no competition whatsoever for the rocks

Lunch with family...Happy birthday Mel! Keely and Mali's cake was awesome!

Stephen and Uncle Mark kicking back
Keely and her beautifully decorated fruit pizza
Mali and her fruit pizza with Mel
Exploring with Grandma

TWO giant beach balls! WOAH!
And a tractor. John Deere of course!

Hey - how am I supposed to play ball in here???
We got a bonus day in MN because when we showed up at the airport for our flight they wouldn't let us check in because "you aren't allowed to check in more than 24 hours before your flight." Umm....WHAT? Ooops....mommy scheduled the flight for the wrong day! So, we went back to the house and had a bonus day! Grandpa took advantage and took J to the park. I LOVE his face here!

Fun at the park

Hey...get me OUTTA here!


Friday, June 19, 2009

The Final Details

On the Tuesday after graduation my mentor through the capstone process, Rev. Jim Vehling, and his wife invited us out for lunch. We had been through the whole process with somewhere around 290 emails back and forth but had never actually met each other. Really, honestly, without his help and encouragement I never would have made it through. It was so nice to spend some time with them. We went to a great restaurant called "Mai Village" in St. Paul that serves Vietnamese food. If you are ever in St. Paul and looking for something different - go here!

The final thing that I had to complete to be "officially" finished with my MA was to have my thesis bound and signed by my committee members. The Tuesday after graduation I took the bound hardcover books to Concordia where my committee all happened to be in a meeting. How convenient!

Here is Rev. Vehling signing...
Dr. Bunkowske....
And Dr. Press

Now it's OFFICIAL!!!!
Meanwhile...Jaden napped in the car.....
And Grandma got creative for propping his head up....YUP....that's a diaper (clean of course)