Friday, August 27, 2010

California Adventures - Part III

One day in CA Jaden and I spent most of the morning at a park. It was a REALLY cool park with lots of fun things to do. I guess it was the coolness of the park, or the activity of the other kids that inspired him but he FINALLY decided to go down the slide on his own!

His OWN way, of course

The rest of our CA adventures had us visiting friends and relaxing.

Hanging out in a hammock at a friend’s house

They also had a few animals

Checking out the grape vines in their vineyard

And checking out their COOL tractors

We also visited other friends in San Francisco and got to ride the BART

These friends live in NY but just so HAPPENED to be in S.F. the same time we were nearby.
What an answer to prayer to actually be able to SEE them (even if it was WAY too short!)

I think there is no better way to take up a San Francisco sidewalk than a brigade of strollers of beautiful kiddos!
We visited a really cool park and had lots of fun sliding some more!

Splashing in the water with Jonah was REALLY fun (even if it WAS non-potable water!)

And riding the really cool carousel

Boy oh boy do I ever miss her!

And, back at Randy’s house we had a fun family over for dinner. We had a kid’s movie night and Jaden and his new buddies cuddled right up on the couch together!

What an amazing and fun trip. Somebody was tired out on the flight home!

California Adventures - Part II

After a few days in CA our train loving friend, Randy, wanted to take us for an Amtrak train ride to the largest train museum in the United States. Let's just say Jaden was a LITTLE excited!

Daddy and Jaden waited patiently for the train to arrive at the station.
When it arrived Jaden didn't know quite what to think! He had never seen a train SO close up before!
Riding the train we were pretty comfortable..
We also took time to check out the dining car. Sitting in the swiveling chairs looking sideways out the train was a bit trickier - and made mommy's stomach a bit upset!

We went to the California State Train Museum. The museum is located in what actually used to be a functioning part of the railroad. Many large engines are showcased in the old roundhouse where work was done on the trains.

Right away Jaden's eye was fixed on the moving model trains close to the entrance.
Then, in the largest room there were tons of old engines, passenger, dining, and freight cars to be explored.
Entering the largest cab forward train specifically designed to keep engineers from having to breathe in so much smoke as the passed through all of the tunnels along the CA railway.

In the engineer's chair.Checking out the dining car.
Listening to the history (or just playing with the phones!)

Mommy taking a break on the bench.
They also had a whole floor with different working model trains set up. Jaden had a great time watchin gthem and THEN discovered the Thomas the Train play table!

I think he could have stayed ALL DAY!!!!

The museum is located in a historic part of Sacramento called "Old Sac." There is this cool candy store that Randy likes to go to for salt water taffy! It was a bit difficult keeping Jaden's hands out of al of these barrels! YUM!

Enjoying the train ride home.

And playing with the refrigerator magnet we got to bring home to Chris!
What a fun day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

California Adventures - Part I

4th of July

For the 4th of July we were in CA. Jaden and I flew out there to meet up with Daddy after his 10 days at class in Southern CA. But, we went to Northern CA to visit some friends.

Here are the best pictures of our patriotic guy in his red, white and blue!

Silly as ever!and playing a song on the piano with Daddy!

We got to watch some fireworks in another friend’s yard. The
blanket was a nice idea

– but it wasn’t long after the first loud boom that Jaden was up on Daddy’s lap hiding his face in Daddy’s shoulder saying, “It’s SCARY!” He was caught peeking out from behind his fingers though!

Library Fun

We’ve been trying to take advantage of several of the library activities for the summer. Of course, we haven’t been around much – but when we are we try to fit a few things in. While Daddy was gone to CA for class we tried to find lots of fun things to do and - Maisy came to the library one day. Jaden has a book about Maisy’s train so he was pretty excited to go see Maisy.

Of course, this was about all the closer he would get once she actually showed up!
Later he decided to try on the hat the other kids had been playing with
All in all, a fun diversion for the day!

Another Attempt at a Muffin Tin Dinner

Ketchup, corn, tomatoes, milk, broccoli, chicken


Shaggy Boy

Back at home, Jaden was long overdue for a haircut.

Mariachi San Pablo Tour - San Antonio & Austin TX

The summer has been in full swing for us for quite some time. Here are a few pictures from our recent travels with the mariachi group! 10 performances for over 2,250 people and driving over 1,200 miles in 7 days. FUN STUFF!

San Antonio – Concordia Lutheran Summer Day ProgramThey had the kids dancing in the aisles
San Antonio - Abundant Grace Daycare - even the kiddos in the cribs were dancing!
San Antonio - a full concert at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran ChurchJaden joining all the kids and adults at the Community Center for a bit of fun music

Joined by a little fan for singing AlabareOf course, a little fun along the way
Remember the Alamo!crusing the river

Packing, unpacking, and get used to it I guess.Iglesia Luterana Pueblo de Dios in Austin

Stephen as the mission speaker at the TX LWML Convention in Austin. He had them laughing! Doesn’t he look sharp in the new suit that God gave him just in time for the event? (He hadn’t known just what to pack to wear. His nice suit seemed too formal, less than a suit too informal for a mission speaker. a woman in San Antonio brought this suit the day we were packing up to leave saying she had found it at a Thrift store where she volunteered that was closing and she just had to hold onto it. Can you believe it was his PERFECT – and nearly impossible to find – size, and a really nice brand! AND he just happened to have a shirt that looked nice with it!?!?! God always takes care of His people – even in the little things!

Playing for the TX LWML Banquet – the group had a GREAT reception! The crowd was cheering, applauding, dancing, and snapping pictures like they were rock stars!

Praise God for safe travels and an amazing time sharing His love through music!