Monday, March 31, 2008

My Favorite

This is by far my new favorite toy! WELL WORTH the investment. Jaden LOVES to sit in here. Since he loves to cuddle, sometimes I feel bad putting him in it, like I am leaving him alone instead of spending time with him. But, I guess you can only pace the hallways and rock in the rocker for so many hours a day. I guess sometimes he just needs to be on the move but doesn't want to be all cuddled up in someone's arms, because sometimes it is the only thing that works!

"I LOVE sitting in my swing but sometimes it makes me Oh so sleepy!"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Sunny Sunday

Here are a couple of pictures of Jaden in his Sunday best!
(a new outfit from Grandma K)!

Grandma even gets a smile!
Well, tomorrow will be Jaden's 8 week birthday. I can't believe it! He's starting to "talk" more. He has found his fist and really enjoys trying to put ALL of it in his mouth (although he only seems to have found the right one). He likes to put the few toys he can hang onto into his mouth too. He is also thinking about getting ready to roll over. He'll get himself way up on his side but can't quite make it over the shoulder. Last night I put him in his bassinet on the far left side somehow he managed to roll onto his right side and scoot himself all the way over to the right side almost with his face up against the edge. He sure is a wiggler.
I started working this last week. I am finding that it is hard to even get 20 hours of work inbetween feeding, diaper changes, and keeping Jaden happy. Somehow I need to figure out how to get faster at things. Also, now that I'm LESS tired I think these life changes are starting to take their toll on me. Stephen and I have been very blessed since we've been married to live and work in the same place. Pretty much EVERYTHING that we have done, we have done together. Many times we'd be at the office and we'd both be working on different things but, we'd be in the same place, have lunch together, chat about something or work on something together every now and then. I'm finding that being away from him almost all day almost every day isn't all that fun. We're going to have to figure that one out too.

There are a FEW things that we have figured out. We know that Jaden likes his swing (MOST of the time). We know that Jaden tends to like to do things only for about 20 minutes (so that's about all the longer blanket play time can last before he has had too much). We know that Jaden likes to be on the move so, don't count on sitting down to watch a TV show while holding a baby! And mostly, we know that even though life brings changes, with them it often brings great joys! In spite of the differences we're experiencing in our everyday lives, we have this wonderful baby boy who is so fun to love and just MELTS you with his smile! We are truly blessed!
One of Jaden and Stephen's new favorite passtimes is to sit out on the patio and watch for birds! Mostly we get pigeons in our yards but, every once in awhile they'll see something else!

Here's a little video of Jaden in the morning. He usually is really smiley and wiggly and . But, of course, once I get out the camera, he mellows a little. Maybe one of these days I'll be fast enough to get his most smiley moments!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots of Company...Lots of Fun

Well, I haven't written anything since my birthday! I'm realizing now how long ago that was! Sorry to all of you who regularly check in. I'm going to TRY to get better about posting at least a picture or something at least a few times a week. It's just hard figuring out this mommy thing and WHEN I'm supposed to get everything done! I've been EXTREMLEY blessed to have had SO MUCH help getting used to things. I don't know HOW people do it on their own! My mom and dad were here for a few weeks and my mom has stuck around to help out. Today she decided that she's going to stay a little longer! She said that she wants to help finish the detail spring cleaning of all of the house and help me by watching Jaden so I can do a bit of work on my Masters. But, I think she really likes El Paso sun over MN winter AND she likes holding this little bundle of ours!!! :-)

Well, for those of you out there, you'll probably notice that our little guy keeps growing! TOO FAST if you ask me!!

Jaden has had lots of family as visitors. He met his 6 cousins and aunt and uncle from Austin a few weeks ago. Here are a few pics
The whole family

Cousing Matthew and Uncle Mark

Cousin Kate

He also met his 3 cousins and aunt Teri who live is Nashville this last week. They were here for Easter and had some Easter Egg hunting fun!

Playing with the girls!

I want to hold the baby!

Of course, he's been having fun hanging out with Grandma AND us too!

Out for a walk with mommy and daddy (it's actually getting WARM here!!)

Camila (S&K's goddaughter) was a little jealous of Jaden at first but, she seems to be warming up to him
A sunny day at the mission
visiting Daddy at work

I looked out the window one morning and I realized that we finally fit in with our neighbors! Stephen had parked the truck on the front lawn (a LOT of our neighbors always have cars on their grass). He was going to wash it and was vaccumming but, I guess he got distracted by the baby!

We are getting creative and learning how to do little things - like eat with one hand over top of a baby without spilling all over your clothes!
ahhh..bathtime. Jaden is liking baths more and more! We're finally figuring out how to keep him warm!

hanging out on the floor!

doing homework with Daddy in the sun

playtime with Grandma K
I sure love her!

she's a GREAT cuddler!
One of Jaden's favorite places to be is his new swing. He is a guy that likes to constantly be on the move!

He's also playing and sleeping in his crib a little more these days. Of course, this was posed just for a picture. But, isn't he cute?!?!

Friday, March 7, 2008

First Birthday as a Mommy

Today we're having a calm celebration. Maybe it's because we were out all day yesterday (I'm starting to understand why moms sometimes say that it's a lot of work to be out running errands!) or maybe I'm becoming more of a homebody but, I just wanted to relax at home with my boys for my birthday rather than be out doing something. We did go out for lunch but, other than that we're just hanging out at home. We're going to have dinner here and hopefully watch a movie a little later. Ahh....hanging out with my boys....the GOOD LIFE!!

No, this wasn't my Birthday present but, isn't he cute? So, the story with the laundry basket is, I used to love to sleep and play in the laundry basket, especially when reading books or listening to records (see below). SO, since Jaden likes to be in the middle of things all of the time, Grandma tried setting him in the laundry basket to sleep so he could still be near us (who needs all of the expensive baby gadgets!). He seems perfectly content to me!

Here's an experiment. I keep hearing that Jaden looks like me, although many many times I see Stephen in him as well. Here are a couple of pictures so that you all can compare for yourselves. I can't find any baby pictures of Stephen young enough but, when Jaden gets a little bigger we'll compare with Stephen's baby pics too!

Tummy time is NOT Jaden's favorite yet. We'll have to work on that. But, despite his dislike for tummy time he does a SUPER job of holding his head up and sitting tall while being burped so, I don't think he's lacking too much for not liking tummy time.
Jaden got his first set of tools from Grandpa before Grandpa had to go home.
Yesterday we took Jaden to the studio to take some 1 month and Baptism pictures. It was a bit of rough going since he woke up hungry not too far into the session. Also, the photographer was the only employee there and had to take phone calls, book appointments, and help a customer re-order in the middle of the session. Overall we got some cute pictures (I'll be able to share them online in about a week) but, by the end he was sick of the whole ordeal. Daddy had a good time comforting him and Jaden promptly fell asleep for a LONG time while mommy and grandma picked out the prints to order.

These are my two favorite boys in the WHOLE UNIVERSE!
Jaden likes to be in different places and positions, moving, looking at different things all of the time. He is liking his bouncer more and more so he hangs out there while we eat sometimes. This was a particularly cute day! (of course, I may be a bit biased!)

So, as you can tell from all of my posts since Jaden was born, I pretty much have a one-track mind. My little guy occupies my days, my nights, and my heart and is about all I find interesting to talk about. Maybe that will become less all-encompassing as the days and nights go on and I'll start finding other things occupying my brain off and on but, for now, you blog readers will have to be happy with baby pics! :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Playtime Fun!

Today Jaden and I had our first real time playing. He was SO alert this morning that I just had to take advantage. His favorite thing to look at is the ceiling fan so, I spread a blanket out on the floor and let him take it in. Then I started playing the Bible Action Songs CD that he got from Kayla and we started doing the actions together. He was "Marching in the Infantry" and singing "rise and Shine and give God the glory glory" and looking wide-eyed and happy the whole time. It sure was fun! I can't really think of much else I'd rather be doing with my time...that is for sure!

Reading "Babycakes" with Grandma

Such a comfy shoulder

The newest to the Heimer Team!

All ready for the big game!
(thanks Jeremy!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another new experiment. Here are a bunch of pictures from the past week and Jaden's baptism!

Here's a little video of my favorite little guy! Jaden LOVES to look at the ceiling fans. They seem to captivate him, even when they aren't moving. He's always looking up! He doesn't make too much noise yet (when he's not crying or eating that is) but he sure does like to wiggle around!

I'm experimenting with this video feature. I'm new to this! Hopefully it works well and I can post more soon. I'll be updating later with pics of Jaden's baptism and his antics over the last week so check back soon!