Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend in Colorado

This weekend we went to Colorado Springs for a friend's wedding. We had a good time although it was kind of a long drive to make (10.5 hours up on Friday, 9 hours down on Sunday, and the last 3 hours on Monday) in just one weekend. We took a few pictures of our adventure but none while in the car!

We got to see the beginning of the Aspens changing colors. I guess in this part of Colorado the majority of the deciduous trees are Aspens so there aren't tons of fall colors, just beautiful yellows. We had to go pretty high into the mountains to see them, but the places where they were changing colors were well worth it. Especially with the sun shining the yellows were brilliant!
Stephen and I with a pretty view
Here's Tiffany and I - (thanks for taking us with you!)

I also had to buy a new dress to wear to the wedding. I think it is going to make up the "dressy" portion of my pregnancy wardrobe but, at least I actually like it! It didn't even make me look too pregnant this weekend (except when sitting!). We'll see how it fits in another 3 weeks at Lanae's wedding!
Here's me and my handsome hubby!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A New Recipie - A New Adventure

I was asked to make a main dish for a party at the office. Let me tell you - that is a little intimidating. I don't know how to make a lot of things that I think will really suit Mexican-American taste buds and I KNEW I didn't have any recipies that I already knew were good. But, I decided to be brave and make an attempt at Albondigas (Mexican Meatballs). I found a great recipie on (since I don't really want to step on their toes as far as copyrights so - I'll just give you the link to the actual recipie - ) Pretty soon it will be MY photo that you see since no one had submitted a photo yet!

Here is the process.
For a girl that never used to even be ABLE to touch raw meat - mixing everything together with your hands and forming the meatballs was a bit of a stretch. But, I must be getting more adventurous because it wasn't even gross!
I doubled the recipie so I think there were something like 126 meatballs!

Some meatballs with Mexican Rice. I would suggest making them with plain white rice because the meatballs have PLENTY of flavor on their own!

The First Splurge

We've been told we probably don't really need to worry about buying baby clothes. Stephen's sister Laura (who just had her 6th child) has 4 boys and got a bunch of really nice clothes from some friends recently. She seems to be willing to pass them on to us. However, there must be some of my mom's shopping genes buried deep within me. Maybe motherhood will bring them out (one of the many changes). But, I just couldn't resist the 25% off Baby Sale at Old Navy today. Oh well, I decided that it probably was okay for the mommy to get excited and want a cute little outfit for her little boy that also reminded her of the new daddy that she loves!

Isn't it cute! Just chalk it up to "baby's FIRST outfit!"

Momma Too

So, Stephen seems to think it's totally cute. I'm still in the stages of thinking it's kind of annoying. But, since people keep asking me (and keep complaining that they aren't going to get to see me pregnant much because they live far away) I guess I can get over myself and share the beginning of our series of how big the momma gets. (Don't worry - the photos will be modest!)

Here's one from about 19 weeks.

Growing Bigger

We had some great news last week when we went for the 3-D ultrasound. Everything looks GREAT and Baby Heimer is looking really healthy. I was so surprised at how much you could see on the various pictures of the ultrasound. The technician was able to look at the heart, measure the heart's ventricles, and take a video of the heartbeat and slow it down to check that everything was operating correctly. She also took several measurements - like of the head, tibia, femur, etc. She could even see the liver and kidney. CRAZY!

Well, we have debated for WEEKS whether or not we wanted to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. Stephen mostly wanted to know and I thought I wanted it to be a surprise. But, shortly before we went to the doctor's office I decided it probably would be really nice to know. When we were there I couldn't just let the technician NOT tell us. So, we found out - Baby Heimer is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

I might be biased - but I think that he's going to be CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Adelante Music Ministry Banquet

So, if anyone of you talked to me much around the middle of August you know that we were VERY busy planning our first EVER Adelante Music Ministry Banquet. I guess we finally decided that after 6 years of working REALLY hard, all our guys deserved a big party. We planned it in a REALLY short time but, as ALWAYS happens, God brought together the right people with the right talents and blessings to make everything happen smoothly and successfully. And everyone had a GREAT time! Many people made donations to make the night possible (including things like letting us use the hall for next to nothing, free helium, using their serving trays, etc. , etc. etc.). I think everyone had fun

Some of the girls from the Mariachi and I had SPECIAL fun the day before the banquet. Jeanette Heimer and I baked 640 cupcakes and the girls and I decorated them ALL. Boy, were we SICK of smelling frosting after that! Here are a few pics of our adventure.

Aren't our cupcakes pretty?!?!?!

Alyssa & Elexus decorating away!

Rebecca & Alyssa showing off their handiwork

Don't they look great?!?!?! (both the girls and the cupcakes silly!)

Here is the hall - simple decorations but it looked nice.

Jeanette & Karl (Stephen's parents) and Ralph (Pres. of YLM Human Care and long time church member and friend) enjoying the great food and festivities.

Mariachi Isai is a family group that got started taking classes with us in 2002 and now performs all over the place on their own. They blessed us with their musical talents and received an award ~Light of the World ~ for consistent proclamation of the Gospel for all that they do.

Here is a picture of all of the members of Mariachi San Pablo (minus their trajes (uniforms) of course!)

All in all, a very fun night. It was about time for a big celebration!!!!