Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, it has been an exciting couple of days in the life of Jaden. He has had a lot of firsts...

1st time in a state other than TX
1st time in New Mexico (see above)
1st road trip (7 hours to Santa Fe)
1st night in a hotel
1st pastor's conference
1st bath in the big bathtub

Jaden - most (about 3/4) of the road trip.

biggest poop of his life to date (I had a feeling it was coming but I had NO IDEA!)

Jaden and Grandpa H. near the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe

Jaden has proven to be a great traveler. He mostly slept in the car. I guess the rhythm of the road noise is just to hard to overcome. But, even though he slept a LOT on the trip, he still had a really good night's sleep. In fact, one of the best so far. At the conference EVERYONE thinks is is SO CUTE and several people have threatened to take him home with them. He is so alert and just trying to take everything in. At the conference worship service we sat in the back and he had a good view of the violin and cello players. He LOVED it. And, he got his first taste of an organ (he had been around one at a Lenten service in his first couple weeks of life but he slept through the whole thing). He really seemed to enjoy that too. In fact, he was a bit fussy every second of the service EXCEPT when the music was playing!

This is my little guy a few days before leaving town. He sure is growing! Some of you may have seen a previous picture of Jaden on the "I Spy" quilt so I thought I'd take a comparison. He was half asleep here, just lounging around!

Last Friday Jaden attended his first mariachi gig outside of church. He had a great time...

And he loved sitting with "mama hen" Beatriz

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Fit

Well, I just had to share with you all my good news! Last week I wore TWO pairs of pre-pregnancy pants! Today I just braved trying on another pair of jeans and THEY FIT!!!! Never mind that it's 3:30 in the afternoon and I'm just making my way into REAL clothes instead of pajamas/house clothes. THEY FIT!!! It's like discovering a long lost friend - it's like having NEW clothes. Okay - nothing quite so grand as either of those but - it is exciting!!! :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playtime Fun

Like any baby, one of Jaden's favorite things to do is play! He's paying more and more attention to the toys and he often talks to them! The orange lion is by far one of his favorites. This week he even started grabbing the lion's mane since it crinkles a lot!

And, per doctor's orders we're getting more and more tummy time in every day. It is going much better now that Jaden hold his head up a bit. He doesn't get frustrated quite as fast! Today for the first time he had the holding his head up thing down enough that he had some mental energy to spare and decided to look around wide-eyed!

Of course, Jaden is always talking a lot UNTIL I get out the camera. Then he gets surprisingly quiet! He was having fun with his rattle and his fist in this video. Just yesterday he would actually see his fist from a distance while he was waving it in the air. His eyes would then get real big and that fist would find it's way right into his mouth! Up until yesterday the fist just seemed to find it's way to the mouth but without the eyes noticing! Baby steps right!!!???

I'll have to get some help and get someone to video when we're "exercising." That gets some of the biggest smiles that I've seen yet! ;-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

All Dressed Up

Maybe one of these days I'll actually do something besides (or in addition to) putting pictures of Jaden on this blog. But, as you can obviously tell, he is the bulk of my life these days. Little by little I'm getting the hang of this new adventure. Of course, the house is already messier than when my mom was here. (Don't worry though mom, it is easily picked up in about 10 minutes and I try to do that every day so I don't go nuts!) Stephen usually does the dishes at night and sometime during the next day I get around to putting them away. I'm getting a little work done every day (although maybe not quite enough yet - at least I'm staying on top of things). Mostly, I'm just enjoying this little guy!

We had some fun today. We tried "exercising". First we went on a walk with Daddy (of course, that was just down the road a few blocks to eat yummy hot dogs for lunch...hmm...maybe this doesn't count as exercise!!) But, after getting home Jaden just wanted to be held one way or another. My arms are getting sore from the traditional positions so...I tried laying on the floor with my knees propped up and sitting him on my "lap." He seemed to like that and I did a few "peek-a-boo" situps. Then we played a little bit of "airplane" and his eyes got SO big! I'll have to figure out how to get that on a video one of these days. Right now he's talking up a storm. I think he's trying to get the ceiling fan to stop spinning by yelling at it! ;-)

Anyway...enjoy the pics. I sure do!
All dressed up for church. This is what I like to call Jaden's "little man" outfit! It's still a little big but I had to have him wear it before it gets too hot here! Today the high is 80 and tomorrow it's supposed to be 88!!! Oh well, he'll probably be able to wear it a few more times with a short sleeved shirt underneath - or maybe (depending on how fast he grows) when we head up north soon!


Jaden playing with two of his favorite toys - the orange lion and the screwdriver rattle. He can get a good grip on this rattle since it's soft and he goes to town shaking it. Pretty soon he'll probably be able to handle some of the bigger ones. But, since he doesn't have TOO much control over WHERE he shakes yet, something soft bonking him in the face is probably nicer anyway!

That's all for now! Till next time!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Little Singer

Today we went to the office ALL DAY. Jaden was really good - he's been sleeping a lot lately. Of course, he also got to play with Grandpa H, Mommy, Elvira, Karla, Matthew....WHEW...no wonder he's so tired tonight.

Jaden had a good time with Grandpa H at the office. He slept so soundly all snuggled up.
We finally got a picture of the big-eyed boy after his bath BEFORE he gets cooled off!

Daddy and Jaden were having a fun time singing after bathtime.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Real Deal...

Well, we're on our own now. Grandma K went home today. Too bad she wasn't flying on American Airlines - her flight probably would have been cancelled. Instead she made her escape on Frontier... Jaden seemed sad to have her leave. He was kinda fussy all morning until late in the afternoon when he was so tired he couldn't help but fall asleep. He's sure going to miss Grandma and her version of "Babycakes."

As we were leaving the airport I thought, WOAH, THIS IS CRAZY. Jaden is just over 9 weeks old and tonight will only be the 3rd night we have been alone with him in his whole life! He was in the hospital for the first week, we were home for 2 nights and then Grandma and Grandpa came. For being only the third night we didn't do too bad. Stephen came home from work, I made dinner and we ate. We played with Jaden. I gave him a bath while Stephen did the dishes. Jaden ate and successfully went to sleep (without too much trouble). Now Stephen is studying and I'm writing (and getting ready to go to bed). Not too bad! Of course, we haven't had much time to make a mess of the house just by living in it OR create too much dirty laundry since Grandma K washed everything yesterday so...I guess I'll wait and see how we make out over the next week or so!

Jaden and Daddy have started playing a new game. Foot wars. Jaden in his bouncer and Daddy on the floor pushing each other's feet around. Here is a little video although by the time I got the camera out Jaden wasn't too vigorous in his "fighting." Maybe I'll get some video with a little more action next time!

Jaden was really intent watching daddy's feet!

We're going to do a comparison shot with this one. This is Jaden's foot compared to daddy's at 2 months...stay tuned for future developments!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Well, for those of you who care....yes, my morning yesterday was very productive. I did get a few other things done throughout the day. However, TODAY I made a VERY important discovery. It DOES NOT WORK to get up at 6:30am (after getting up twice during the night) and stay up without napping until 1:00am, get up twice during the night, and then try to get up at 7:00am and expect to be productive for the day! Even though yesterday was productive today I have been exhausted ALL DAY!

Today Jaden had his 2 month Dr. appointment. Here are the stats
Weight: 12 lbs. 1 oz.
Length: 23.5 in.

WHEW!!! What a lot of growing!

Jaden also had 3 shots and 1 immunization by mouth. Poor guy! He did really good and even though it was rough, we made it through. Sadly I didn't take a picture today since he was whimpering or sleeping most of the day SO.......I'll have to post one tomorrow!

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a Morning!

So, by 10:30am I had
- gone grocery shopping
- put groceries away
- made blueberry pancakes for breakfast
- did a devotion/quiet time (although brief)
- got dinner started in the slow cooker
- packed lunch for my husband to take to work
- fed Jaden
- drank my coffee AND my grape juice (quite a feat before 1pm)

WHEW....I guess that's what happens when you get up at 6:30am. We'll see what the rest of the afternoon holds.....hopefully a lot more and not just a crash and burn tired Krysia!

I just thought I should share my accomplishments for the morning. It's fairly unbelievable to me!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Accomplishing odds and ends

One of the nurses in the NICU made this for Jaden while he was there. I guess she makes one for all of the babies that are there for a little while. A touch of fun and happiness in a place that can be not-so-happy. We finally got it framed and hanging in his room. I love it!

Isn't he cute!?
I have a new battle to contend with. My previously (as a kid) stick straight hair somehow turned semi-curly with pregnancy. Yeah, I had perms through most of Middle and High School but it had all grown out nice and managable straight. Every once in awhile I would get funny waves however, NOTHING like this. Of course, it's not curly ENOUGH to look totally curly and often has waves in really dumb places. However, it is TOO curly to be considered straight. Hmmm...Stephen seems to like it curly, I prefer it straight and a GOOD looking effort at either one is too complicated! Maybe it will grow out!

Jaden is enjoying his bouncer more. When we take the toy bar off of the top he has a whole new perspective on the world versus laying on the floor. Today Stephen put is feet up next to Jaden's and they had their first foot-fight! I didn't get a picture or video and I barely got there in time but I hear it was pretty funny...Stephen said Jaden started kicking a LOT and really HARD and had a look of total concentration on his face. I think maybe he has a bit of a competitive spirit!

This week I'm going to be attempting getting work, homework, AND mommy stuff done. And...my mom leaves on Wednesday. PLEASE pray for us!!!! It's about to become a whole NEW adventure again...figuring out how to do this on our own!