Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, it has been an exciting couple of days in the life of Jaden. He has had a lot of firsts...

1st time in a state other than TX
1st time in New Mexico (see above)
1st road trip (7 hours to Santa Fe)
1st night in a hotel
1st pastor's conference
1st bath in the big bathtub

Jaden - most (about 3/4) of the road trip.

biggest poop of his life to date (I had a feeling it was coming but I had NO IDEA!)

Jaden and Grandpa H. near the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe

Jaden has proven to be a great traveler. He mostly slept in the car. I guess the rhythm of the road noise is just to hard to overcome. But, even though he slept a LOT on the trip, he still had a really good night's sleep. In fact, one of the best so far. At the conference EVERYONE thinks is is SO CUTE and several people have threatened to take him home with them. He is so alert and just trying to take everything in. At the conference worship service we sat in the back and he had a good view of the violin and cello players. He LOVED it. And, he got his first taste of an organ (he had been around one at a Lenten service in his first couple weeks of life but he slept through the whole thing). He really seemed to enjoy that too. In fact, he was a bit fussy every second of the service EXCEPT when the music was playing!

This is my little guy a few days before leaving town. He sure is growing! Some of you may have seen a previous picture of Jaden on the "I Spy" quilt so I thought I'd take a comparison. He was half asleep here, just lounging around!

Last Friday Jaden attended his first mariachi gig outside of church. He had a great time...

And he loved sitting with "mama hen" Beatriz

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