Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Real Deal...

Well, we're on our own now. Grandma K went home today. Too bad she wasn't flying on American Airlines - her flight probably would have been cancelled. Instead she made her escape on Frontier... Jaden seemed sad to have her leave. He was kinda fussy all morning until late in the afternoon when he was so tired he couldn't help but fall asleep. He's sure going to miss Grandma and her version of "Babycakes."

As we were leaving the airport I thought, WOAH, THIS IS CRAZY. Jaden is just over 9 weeks old and tonight will only be the 3rd night we have been alone with him in his whole life! He was in the hospital for the first week, we were home for 2 nights and then Grandma and Grandpa came. For being only the third night we didn't do too bad. Stephen came home from work, I made dinner and we ate. We played with Jaden. I gave him a bath while Stephen did the dishes. Jaden ate and successfully went to sleep (without too much trouble). Now Stephen is studying and I'm writing (and getting ready to go to bed). Not too bad! Of course, we haven't had much time to make a mess of the house just by living in it OR create too much dirty laundry since Grandma K washed everything yesterday so...I guess I'll wait and see how we make out over the next week or so!

Jaden and Daddy have started playing a new game. Foot wars. Jaden in his bouncer and Daddy on the floor pushing each other's feet around. Here is a little video although by the time I got the camera out Jaden wasn't too vigorous in his "fighting." Maybe I'll get some video with a little more action next time!

Jaden was really intent watching daddy's feet!

We're going to do a comparison shot with this one. This is Jaden's foot compared to daddy's at 2 months...stay tuned for future developments!

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