Monday, April 14, 2008

All Dressed Up

Maybe one of these days I'll actually do something besides (or in addition to) putting pictures of Jaden on this blog. But, as you can obviously tell, he is the bulk of my life these days. Little by little I'm getting the hang of this new adventure. Of course, the house is already messier than when my mom was here. (Don't worry though mom, it is easily picked up in about 10 minutes and I try to do that every day so I don't go nuts!) Stephen usually does the dishes at night and sometime during the next day I get around to putting them away. I'm getting a little work done every day (although maybe not quite enough yet - at least I'm staying on top of things). Mostly, I'm just enjoying this little guy!

We had some fun today. We tried "exercising". First we went on a walk with Daddy (of course, that was just down the road a few blocks to eat yummy hot dogs for lunch...hmm...maybe this doesn't count as exercise!!) But, after getting home Jaden just wanted to be held one way or another. My arms are getting sore from the traditional positions so...I tried laying on the floor with my knees propped up and sitting him on my "lap." He seemed to like that and I did a few "peek-a-boo" situps. Then we played a little bit of "airplane" and his eyes got SO big! I'll have to figure out how to get that on a video one of these days. Right now he's talking up a storm. I think he's trying to get the ceiling fan to stop spinning by yelling at it! ;-)

Anyway...enjoy the pics. I sure do!
All dressed up for church. This is what I like to call Jaden's "little man" outfit! It's still a little big but I had to have him wear it before it gets too hot here! Today the high is 80 and tomorrow it's supposed to be 88!!! Oh well, he'll probably be able to wear it a few more times with a short sleeved shirt underneath - or maybe (depending on how fast he grows) when we head up north soon!


Jaden playing with two of his favorite toys - the orange lion and the screwdriver rattle. He can get a good grip on this rattle since it's soft and he goes to town shaking it. Pretty soon he'll probably be able to handle some of the bigger ones. But, since he doesn't have TOO much control over WHERE he shakes yet, something soft bonking him in the face is probably nicer anyway!

That's all for now! Till next time!

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  1. It's not fair! He's getting so big so fast! I am never going to get to hold him. By the time I get there, he'll probably be walking. So sad.
    Keep the videos coming. I love watching the little guy in action.
    By the way...Stephen has really big feet.