Saturday, April 5, 2008

Accomplishing odds and ends

One of the nurses in the NICU made this for Jaden while he was there. I guess she makes one for all of the babies that are there for a little while. A touch of fun and happiness in a place that can be not-so-happy. We finally got it framed and hanging in his room. I love it!

Isn't he cute!?
I have a new battle to contend with. My previously (as a kid) stick straight hair somehow turned semi-curly with pregnancy. Yeah, I had perms through most of Middle and High School but it had all grown out nice and managable straight. Every once in awhile I would get funny waves however, NOTHING like this. Of course, it's not curly ENOUGH to look totally curly and often has waves in really dumb places. However, it is TOO curly to be considered straight. Hmmm...Stephen seems to like it curly, I prefer it straight and a GOOD looking effort at either one is too complicated! Maybe it will grow out!

Jaden is enjoying his bouncer more. When we take the toy bar off of the top he has a whole new perspective on the world versus laying on the floor. Today Stephen put is feet up next to Jaden's and they had their first foot-fight! I didn't get a picture or video and I barely got there in time but I hear it was pretty funny...Stephen said Jaden started kicking a LOT and really HARD and had a look of total concentration on his face. I think maybe he has a bit of a competitive spirit!

This week I'm going to be attempting getting work, homework, AND mommy stuff done. mom leaves on Wednesday. PLEASE pray for us!!!! It's about to become a whole NEW adventure again...figuring out how to do this on our own!

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