Monday, March 31, 2008

My Favorite

This is by far my new favorite toy! WELL WORTH the investment. Jaden LOVES to sit in here. Since he loves to cuddle, sometimes I feel bad putting him in it, like I am leaving him alone instead of spending time with him. But, I guess you can only pace the hallways and rock in the rocker for so many hours a day. I guess sometimes he just needs to be on the move but doesn't want to be all cuddled up in someone's arms, because sometimes it is the only thing that works!

"I LOVE sitting in my swing but sometimes it makes me Oh so sleepy!"


  1. This is really cute!
    Do the swings come in adult size? I'd love to curl up in one and be entertained for an hour or two!

    Have you thought of putting Jaden in a frontpack/backpack carrier or using a sling? It may be a Japanese thing but that's how women here manage to get the housework done. I put Noah on my back to work in the garden and he giggles the whole time. It's also come in useful when I want to get some things done on the computer.

  2. Hey Krysia, it is great to see you three in all of these pictures. Calie and I enjoy keeping up with you via your website. Happy 8-week birthday and hope everything continues to go well down in sunny El Paso for you all.

  3. Marco likes his swing too. That way I can do something with my hair in the morning. It's a lifesaver.