Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch - Southwest Style

For the sake of the grandparents that live up north and have already seen the pictures of our recent trip to visit them, I'm skipping over a few weeks (to be posted later) in order to quickly get them pictures of our recent Haloween/Fall activites!

This is the "mommy, are you done working yet?" face...
On Friday we went to the pumpkin patch. I've seen other pictures of friends taking their kids to pumpkin patches up north. Apparently we didn't visit one of the patches that has HUGE-O pumpkins but, we had fun anyway!
On a hayride. Can you call it a hayride if there is no hay in sight? Well, it was riding on carts pulled by a tractor - which makes it COOL in Jaden's book.
Grandma and Grandpa H went with us.
Really - he's having WAY more fun than it looks like! He's just intently watching the "da-doh" (tractor)
Bet your pumpkin patch doesn't have a backdrop of mountains!
"Mommy, look, I got one!"
"Look, I can carry TWO!"
"Hey! Where did all the pumpkins go?"
" are some more!"
Grandma and Grandpa looking for the perfect one.
"Look, this one is different!"

"Look at our loot!"
It's a LONG way back to the tractor when you have to walk to the back of the pumpkin patch to find the good ones!
Mommy - being silly
Stephen liked this face....As you can see...I'm REALLY strong! I can lift 4 lb pumpkins!
Grandpa back on the trailer
WIth all of our pumpkins stashed beneath our feet.

Riding the "cow train"
Jaden had a LOT of fun on this ride. It looks pretty tame, I know. But, once we headed out to the pumpkin patch the driver got a little nuts. Let me tell you - oil barrels set on wheels are NOT very comfortable driving over tractor tire ruts!
I got off and told Stephen that I thought I had "Shaken Mommy Syndrome"
Checking out the farm animals - rabbits


and the pretty view

and a GORGEOUS sunset to head home with!

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