Sunday, November 1, 2009


= Reformation

We had a special Reformation service yesterday with the Missionary Institute and all the Lutheran churches in town. Here is a shot of all of the pastors walking in
And the full church!
The mariachi and various church choirs added special music.
Then, it was on to Halloween activities.

Here is "Thomas the Train"
We went first to a carnival and a church/elementary school. Jaden instantly was interested in the playground equipment and not the games but, he had a good time!
Here he saw some pumpkins and TOOK OFF! He LOVES pumpkins these days!
They had this cool game that was WAY too hard for Jaden...but with Daddy's help Jaden LOVED putting the balls into place.
You put the ball on the pipes and tried to roll it into place
Then you pulled the pipes apart aiming to get the ball into one of the buckets.

Like I said...way to hard - but Jaden loved putting the ball in place!
With Daddy's help he shot a few hoops

We met up with Mia (our goddaughter) there. She was a pumpkin fairy. TOO cute!
Then Jaden ditched the costume for the brinca brina (jumping balloon)
This was the best activity of the evening.
I took a lot of shots trying to get him actually looking at the camera....but at least you can see he was having fun!
Then we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We put the kiddos in their cars since they were getting kind of tired. Turns out it just looked like Jaden was RIDING Thomas the Train!
After a LOT of walking (not many houses in our neighborhood were into giving out candy) we all came back to our house to relax.
And eat some candy
Mia and her aunt.
Like Jaden's green spider ring and black bat ring (see index fingers). I thought it was funny that he actually kept these on!

Before heading to bed....Mr Duck and the dog had to be lined up to watch Jaden eat his bedtime snack along with Halloween Elmo (one of Jaden's NEW best friends)!

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