Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Mariachi Retreat Weekend

So, about a million years ago...
okay, a month and a half
we had a Mariachi Retreat.
The theme was
Unity - Diversity in Christ
i.e. we are all one in Christ but he gives us each different gifts

Our opening retreat activity was to go cheer one of our members on as he marched with his school marching band.

We made signs and everything
You might think.....HELLO - EMBARRASSING!!!!!
But, our guy loved it...
...he said his Band Director even commented that they needed MORE fans like this!

Here we are, yelling and being obnoxious.

The band
They were handing out kettle corn samples at the gate so Jaden of COURSE needed some "ca-cohn"
and so did everyone else!

guess what insturment our guy (Beto) plays???
nice artwork huh? Who knew my husband was good at drawing (we were at a loss for making a Tuba and he filled in!)

He's there somewhere by the other tubas
a bit closer...
THERE! the one on the right!
3rd tuba in line
one last loud obnoxious yell
then, back to the mission for pizza and games
a new favorite
wait for it......

Q-tips blown through straws at a target of plastic cups
Oh the ideas you find when searching youth ministry websites!
I'm glad I added safety goggles to the list of necessary props though!

Bible study...
The next day...another new game

tape balloons to one player from each team
blindfold them
make sure they can't see
and guide them through and obstacle course using only your voice

whoever makes it to cross the finish line first with the most # balloons still attached and not popped wins.

Too bad they were too good and the obstacle course was too easy! Didn't really work as planned.
But it was still fun!

Then a short road trip
And a Mariachi concert!
Jaden showing a new friend his favorite trains
Relaxing outside after church the next morning

throwing rocks
and playing a little trumpet
a virtuoso - don't you think?

Then playing at a restaurant

Before a yummy lunch and a trip home.



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  2. EveryONE should be so blessed to have friends that truly care and are both silly and serious! The little trumpeter is so intense and he sure likes to push those keys.