Monday, November 30, 2009


Okay - so is a one year old (2 months away from being 2) supposed to be able to count?

We have this "game" we play most mealtimes.

Usually Jaden's food is too HOT ("aht" in Jaden-speak) so we put the plate into the freezer to cool off.
Sometimes it's that the food is too cold and has to be put in the microwave to warm up.
Either way - he agrees that it has to be done and tells you it is okay. But, the second you put it either place, he gets mad.

So....we count.

I hold up fingers and we count to 10. Early on he started saying "TEN" after I would get to nine.

Today, I put his food in the freezer and said, "Can you help me count?"
As I counted he repeated the numbers after me.
one - "un"
two - "oo"
three - "ee"
four - "or"
five - "ive"
six - "ix"
seven - "ven"
eight - "tah"
nine - "ein"

We did this a few times then we took the food out and it was still too hot. So, I put it back in the freezer. As I turned around I heard Jaden say.
"un, oo, ee"



Am I imagining things?

SO....when Daddy got home we told him about Jaden's counting.
Again he repeated all the numbers after me.

Another thing he has been really interested in doing is pointing out numbers on the Thomas Trains in the books we read. He has one book where there is a train from 1 - 10 and each page has you counting things that correspond to the number on the train. He is always really interested in the numbers in this book and points to the numbers on trains in other books. However, it doesn't seem like he ever notices the numbers on his actual train toys.

So, there was a Percy on the floor (#6). I asked Jaden "Where is Percy's number?"
He looked at me for a minute, looked at Percy, and then picked him up and pointed to the number six.
All of a sudden he ran over to a Thomas Train nearby (#1), pointed to the 1 and said "UN!"



Am I imagining things?

Isn't this like pre-reading number identification? baby's ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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