Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun Days

So, J is taking a nap and I should probably be working or making changes to the final draft of my paper AGAIN but, I can't really think. are more fun!

J got a new toy in the mail from Grandma & Grandpa K. Little People Beach set. Pretty cool although it takes a bit more pretending than the Little People bus or plane so he's still figuring it out.

The pink umbrella seems to be his favorite part. That is the part that seems to end up in a different room everyday as he carries it around with him.

Last Thursday we went to the office like usualy. J was dressed in a cute outfit he got from Lizette for his birthday. He apparently thinks he is just too cool!

He and Camilla are starting to get along better and are figuring out how to SHARE their toys.

It's been increasingly nicer here (although today is going to get a bit warm at 88!) so we've been eating outside every now and then. Mac & Cheese. Mmmmm........

This is an example of what I get to look forward to every morning.

We call this the "rock star" do!

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