Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Kid Easter Fun

On Tuesday J and I took a few fun activities to mariachi rehearsal.

An egg relay...

First walking forward, then walking backwards, then holding the egg over their head (it wasn't until this step that someone actually dropped one!), then skipping (we lost 3 or 4 here), then bunny hopping (the rest of the dozen went quickly)!

Then a Easter Egg Hunt Race. The basic idea - 3 teams each assigned specific colors to find. The first person from the team could run onto the field, pick up 2 eggs, return to their team, tag the next person in line, and then the next person could go.

I think they had a good time! :-)


  1. Waa. . . I only recognize maybe half the people in these pictures!!

    Does Lizette seriously not have any fat left from her baby? How do people do that?

  2. Krysia that is waaaaay to many pictures of me you know I dont like picures. JK.

    Oh and Naomi looks can be decieving.