Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter - Finally

Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing some Easter pictures with you. At least I'm almost done with my paper.......ALMOST!

Here are our Easter Baskets (J, S, K left to right).
Before church J got to check his out. He just went straight for the "Cars" containers though!

Wasn't the church pretty? We still have most of the plants (though not the tulips)

After church J and I went over to Grandma H's house to finish the details for lunch. Too bad when I put the potato/zucchini casserole in the oven I turned it off instead when I thought I was just setting the timer. Darn digital!

J had fun with the toys and "helping" mommy.

Constanza and her daughter Catalina came over for lunch too. They are from Columbia and staying at the mission while Constanza studies at the Missionary Institute. Apparently they don't do Easter Egg things in Columbia so Catalina had only done these types of things with her U.S. cousins and had NEVER dyed eggs before.

J thought Easter grass was pretty cool.

And he liked carrying his basket around.

The most fun was tipping it upside down and watching everything fall out.

See, I told you....FUN!

Then picking everything up is fun too...although that plastic grass feels wierd!
Easter dinner - Manny, Constanza, Catalina, Grandma H, Oma, Ron, Luz, Grandpa H, Daddy and J. Dying eggs
The finished products...

Hunting for Easter eggs.

Getting some hints from daddy.

J would actually put 2 or 3 eggs in his basket - but then he would dump them out, cause that was more fun!

I'm not too sure why this one is pink. I think our camera is dying. It is happening more and more. Hmm.....maybe a new one would make a good Mother's Day or Graduation present.....(hint, hint)

After a long day, we went back home and J got to open the gifts in his Easter basket. Like always, ripping the paper is the BEST!

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  1. I missed you at Easter but I can see you had great fun. Good to see so many gathered around the table - the H's are always so hospitable.