Thursday, April 30, 2009

Consensus is....

J's hair is too long and he needs his 2nd haircut.

He doesn't seem too sure about this hair salon. The last time he got his hair cut it was in the library at the church! Watching Daddy go first. (also a back shot of his long hair)
Are you sure about this mommy?

I don't know....maybe this isn't too bad. That spray bottle is pretty cool....
OK...I changed my mind. Enough of this already!
Finally, back at peace, with my toys! A little lopsided and a little too short.....but, at least it will grow!

Again, with his hair cut, I began to lament the ending of babyhood....J looks so much older with his shorter hair.

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  1. he does look ever so slightly older, but man, he's still mighty cute!! :)