Sunday, June 1, 2008

First BIG Trip

Well, Jaden's first big trip was to visit Grandma and Grandpa K in MN. We had two flights to get there and he did GREAT! We had to walk down the steps to board the plane so we actually got a picture of Jaden WITH his first plane. We didn't get a picture of the pilot (Jaden was sleeping when we arrived!) When we arrived in Denver it was raining so it was also Jaden's first time seeing RAIN!

When we arrived Jaden got to meet a lot of family right away. Our first adventure was lunch at Steak and Ale with G&G K, Aunt Karen, Aunt Nancy & Uncle Joel, Godmother Kayla, and Jaden's 1st two non-Mexican foreigners - Maya and Martin from Germany!

And of course, some cuddling with Grandpa was quick to come!

Back at G&G's house Grandma quickly got Jaden playing ball. Is soccer in his future? - we'll see. (Mom would have to learn the rules first!) Actually, Jaden got SO MANY new toys from Grandma's bargain shopping sprees we'll probably end up with LOTS of pictures of new toy adventures over the next several weeks. We brought a HUGE 48lb. suitcase of toys and books home so lots of hours of fun are sure to come!

This time in MN the weather was actually as gorgeous as Grandma says it is AFTER we leave. It was warm, sunny, with blue skies and BEAUTIFUL green grass. There is no grass like that in the desert. It was a little wet for Jaden to go playing in - NEXT TIME - but it sure was pretty. Of course, we had to go for some walks in such beautiful weather and Jaden rode in the carrier with DADDY for the first time! We also stopped at a park and Jaden had his first time on the swings.
It was a little chilly (at least more so than in El Paso) so Jaden had to go back to wearing long sleeves and pants for a few weeks. But, it worked out okay. Otherwise he would have had NO USE WHATSOEVER for the bunches of warm 3-6 month clothes he got from his cousin! They came in VERY handy!

Daddy even got some studying done. Since he had to leave for CA to go to class the day after we got back from MN his main purposes on vacation was to hang out with us and get some reading done. He got a little creative so he could enjoy the sunshine!

Is he READING? Well, not quite - but he sure loves looking at the fun colors on these cloth books and now he can turn the pages (or at least grab them). Here he actually was LOOKING at the book instead of just trying to EAT it like usual!

Of course, Jaden got to spend time playing with Mommy too - and this time there was actually someone else around to take a picture of our fun airplane game that gets him giggling! We still have to find a way to get a video of that someday.

On Friday Jaden got to meet a lot more family. Uncle Mark, Cousins Kristie, Melanie, Jeff and kiddo cousins Keely and Mali. It was a lot of fun to have a picnic in G&G's backyard park AND try out the exersaucer!

Jaden LOVES this one!!! We had to leave it in MN and Grandma kinda wants to keep it for the next time we visit so, we're shopping for one at home!

Well, the story of our adventures will have to be continued.....Since it's 10:30 Mommy needs to get to bed. She has decided that 10:30 is the latest she can stay up if Jaden might decide to wake up once or twice during the night and she wants to be a kind and caring mommy instead of zombie mommy!
Check back for more!!!


  1. Krysia, I love all the pictures you put on your website. Jaden is adorable, and the three of you look sooo happy! It makes it even harder for me to wait to have my own, though I won't have to wait that much longer! Calie is pregnant and due December 25! We are beyond ecstatic and thrilled! Hope our paths can cross sometime soon! Give my best to your husband and his continued studies!

  2. What wonderful pictures! I'm glad that your trip went well and Jaden is a good traveler. I can't believe that Jaden had to see his first rain in Denver!