Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, we went to an LWML Conference (Lutheran Women's Missionary League). It was Jaden's first conference and there sure were a lot of ladies who wanted to oooh and aaaah over him! He sure was a trooper, putting up with long days in strange places! He did get tired of being cooped up, held, and in the car seat though so we laid out a blaket behind the Mission's display table so he could wiggle around, play with some toys and have a little freedom!
This last week Jaden found his feet so he has a lot of fun with these little booties now. I often play games with Jaden where I push his feet up by his face making funny noises. One night while we were relaxing Jaden was playing on the floor and grabbed his foot. He was happy and laughing and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he was crying LOUD. I picked him up to try to figure out what was wrong and calm him down. After a while he was playing on the floor again and - same thing. All of a sudden MAJOR crying and screaming as he was grabbing his foot. We thought maybe something happened to his toes or was hurting him. I couldn't find anything upon investigation and after he settled down again I put him back on the blanket. When it happened a THIRD time, where out of the blue he would go from giggling and happy to major screaming I was at a loss. Since he was holding onto his foot while screaming I just pushed them up by his face making funny noises like we usually do in our little games and his screams turned to giggles. However, the second I let his foot go back down, SCREAMS again! Every time I put his feet up close to his face he laughed and every time I let them down he cried. Apparently he was really excited that he had found his foot and REALLY MAD that he couldn't get it up by his face the same way we play! Silly kiddo!

By the end of the weekend though, Jaden was VERY tired. He fell asleep during the worship service and was so limp mommy had to sit down almost laying in a chair to keep him from slumping too far over! The good thing was, he was so pooped he slept the WHOLE 5 hour drive home! (YES, as you can tell from the eyes, Mommy was tired too!)

Shortly after we arrived home we caught one of the most GORGEOUS sunsets of the year! Of course, there is no ocean in the desert like in Hawaii or the Bahamas but other than that it was pretty perfect with the mountains!
And of course, Jaden got to spend some good time catching up on cuddling with Daddy!


  1. Hey thanks for all the updates. Sure is amazing how fast he has grown in the last month and all the fun things he is doing. Hope all is well

    Love Lanae

  2. That kid is absolutely adorable and a total riot!

    I'll do my best to e-mail pictures as soon as possible. Check out the new ones on my blog though.

    Love you three! Kiss Jaden for me.

  3. Wow is he ever growing! MISS YOU GUYS! Thanks for the update. Looks and sounds like you guys are having lots of fun together. Hugs to the little guy! Love you all!