Wednesday, June 11, 2008

After MN

Well, the day after we got back from MN daddy left for CA to go to class. We missed him a LOT but mommy and I tried to have some fun at home. Mommy sent pictures to daddy every day so he wouldn't miss out on all of the cool things that I do so here we'll share some of them with you too.
This is me in my cool space bear outfit

Since Mommy had to go to work sometimes I got to play with Camila in the office

And I got to swing

And play on my new playmat from Grandma K.

Toward the end of tummy time jaden got a little tired and buried his face in the mat but, look at him get that booty up in the air!!! He's getting closer to rolling over! Then he decided it was time for a yummy hand snack!

I also got a cool new bouncer. I get to have fun and mommy gets to get some work done!

I'm getting more and more interested in anything that mom or dad has in their hands while they are holding me. So, this week I got my first drink of water cause I just couldn't keep my hands off of the glass!

It was a little cold and I got mommy nice and wet too but I just kept wanting more and more!

I've also been exploring my high voice more. I just keep talking. Of course, when mommy gets out the camera I get a little camera shy but here's a small sample.


  1. Marco enjoyed watching the video and seemed to understand what Jaden was saying. It must have been very funny because Marco was laughing!