Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, you know that you live where it is too hot when at 10:00pm it is STILL 95 degrees! Today it got to 106! Of course, I really didn't even notice because I didn't leave the house until 8pm! And, even then, it didn't feel too bad. I guess I'm getting acclimated!

SO, the big news of the day is.......(sorry if the video is a bit jiggly - I was trying for a good angle!)

Jaden finally made it over his arm and ROLLED from his front to his back! He seemed to enjoy it! I kept flipping him over to get him to do it again. After awhile he kind of held onto the blanket as he went over and just lowered himself down. What a pro!

In other firsts....On Friday Jaden went swimming for the first time! He wasn't too sure about it at first. It was pretty cold and he got splashed a couple of times. But, with mommy or daddy holding him tight he didn't seem to mind too much! He even got into splashing a bit at the end!

He also met Luz.

And tried on some cool Sunglasses! He sure was cool with his "Super Cool Dad" on Father's Day!


  1. Hooray!!! He figured out the rolling you have to watch out. Crawling is going to be right behind! I love the pool pics too, the water looks so fun and blue! How is the rice thing going? I don't think many babies love it the first time, but once they get the hang of the eating thing, it's pretty cool! Hope you guys are doing great! Looks like Stephen had a "cool" father's day! Love that picture!!!

  2. how wonderful that jaden rolled over! and you got it on video!! i bet you were jumping around and clapping, because you were so excited! ;) goodness knows i was! ha!

    isn't it amazing what babies can do in a short period of time? and it hasn't even been a year yet. wow!

    good for you for taking him swimming. emma was cautious at first too. she didn't do much but take it all in. that was okay with me. i didn't want a squirmy baby in the water! :D

    happy belated father's day to stephen!

    take care,


  3. Great job Jaden!! It's so fun when they do something for the first time. And speaking of hot, it will be over 110 in Phoenix all week. On Marco's birthday it will be 112! But we will go to the zoo early in the am when it's only in the 90's. I enjoy all of the pictures and updates on Jaden -- keep them coming!