Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I'm still needing to write about the rest of our trip to MN. seems like that was a long time ago already yet I still have tons of pictures to put up. Of course, there is plenty that has happened since then so I'll just have to keep writing to get you all up to speed!

While we were in MN we also had to fly to Chicago for a weekend event at a church in Mount Prospect. There are great friends of ours and YLM's there and we talked to them about Servant Events. So, Jaden got his 3rd and 4th flights adding more miles to his travel log, he got to visit IL, he spent his first night sleeping in a big crib at Ed & Carol's house and Mom and Dad got to play "Dance Dance Revolution" (IF we EVER get a videogame system it HAS to include that!)

Here is a picture of Jaden and Daddy in the airport on the way to Chicago!

After getting back from Chicago we spent a few more days in MN before driving to SD thus adding MORE miles to Jaden's travel log. We went for Jaden's Godmother Kayla's wedding. Mommy and Daddy sang and played trumpet and violin and we had LOTS of fun with family. Check out the slideshow (I had too many pics I knew family would want to see to just select a few.)

Firsts for Jaden - First time in SD, First wedding, First dance, First time meeting Great Grandma & Grandpa B, First time meeting LOTS of cousins, aunts & uncles. WHAT FUN! We THOUGHT Jaden would get his first time in a pool swimming at the hotel but we ran out of time! Oh well, I guess you can't do TOO MANY firsts all at once! See the next entry for the slides

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