Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jaden goes International

This week Jaden got to go to Mexico! I finally made it to the county tax office to get his birth certificate and the next day we ended up going to Mexico. Sadly, it was for a funeral but, I'm glad I finally had everything in order and we got to go. We jumped out of the hot van (104 outside) and walked across the bridge to wait for the van in the air conditioning so we got to take a picture on the actual line of the US and Mexico.

Another one of Jaden's big adventures this week was his introduction to solid foods (aka rice cereal). He doesn't seem to be too big of a fan. Most of it ends up on his chin and his bib. But, he REALLY enjoys chewing on the spoon! We'll keep trying but since he gets everything he needs from nursing anyway I'm not too worried about it yet!

And here's a silly one just for laughs. Daddy decided to make Mommy wear the monkey towel while Jaden was getting a bath. Jaden seemed to think it was pretty funny!

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  1. hey chica!

    wow. you're little traveler sure gets around!! i haven't even been to mexico yet. i'm a little jealous. ;)

    jaden sure is doing great! what a big boy. he's changed so much. yet, he's just as adorable as ever. :D

    a note on the rice cereal. it was emma's least favorite cereal. she did LOVE the oatmeal and the barley cereal. so maybe when you feel up to it, make a switch. i saved the rice cereal to mix in with her solids puree and to make teething cookies/biscuits when she was a little older. :D

    'just thought i'd share.