Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching Up....

So, we're in CA now, and I"ll get to that in a minute....but here are a few pics of what we did the Sunday before we left town! We all went over to Karl and Jeanette's for lunch and I actually tried out a few new recipies that everyone loved! I decided for ONCE I should post about something OTHER than Jaden so here you go!!!
Jeanette made the Southwestern Pulled Pork from a recipie I gave her and it was a HUGE hit!

The Cuban Bean Salad has a lot of wierd ingredients but everyone loved it too!

And this yummy Orange Jicama salad was a refreshing tangy and sweet worthy of repeating as well!

Kinda risky trying out 3 new recipies in one meal but it was GOOD STUFF!!!

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  1. just when i thought your blog couldn't get any better, you start blogging about food! :D :D :D

    that pulled pork looks amazing! and right up my alley!! i'm a sauce girl. the more sauce, the better!!

    and the bean salad...WOW! talk about eye apppeal! i can't quite tell what all is in it. beans, corn, and avocado? maybe? what is the last photo of?

    well, you should know me and food. so if you wouldn't mind, send me the recipes!! our taste buds could use a good change of pace. ;)

    so yes, post more food photos and posts. and recipes! and suggestions! and all that fun stuff.


    i'm starting to feel a little obsessed here, with all the comments i've been posting. i'll stop now. at least for today. :D