Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Decorating

I have about a billion blog posts to catch up on but I figured this one couldn't and shouldn't wait!

A few weeks ago we visited a pumpkin patch. Jaden is STILL talking about it. We've also been reading some books about pumpkins. So, finally we got around to decorating ours.

I was planning on cooking the larger one and making fresh pumpkin puree to bake with....but Jaden had other ideas. From the minute I mentioned decorating our pumpkins he started talking about cutting off the top and making a scary face! SO, we just had to DO IT.

Cutting the top off Are you ready to scoop out the insides? Umm....okay!
He put his hand right in, but wasn't so impressed with the goopy-ness of it all!

Let's try it with a spoon!


there's MORE in there?!?!?!?
Getting ready to draw the face - but first Jaden had to put the pencil behind his ear so he could be "Handy Manny"

Mommy's attempt at drawing the "Scary, Silly, Happy" face that Jaden said he wanted the pumpkin to have.
Luz stepped in with some superior artistic skills. Per Jaden's request - Circle eyes, triangle nose, and a mouth with three teeth

As Luz was carving Jaden started getting crazy...
....so we started on the next project - painting the little pumpkins. I have noticed at the library and a few other places that Jaden LOVES painting but I've been a bit timid to do it at home because I didn't want to clean up a huge mess. Turns out he's a very neat artist! We tried having a different brush for each color, and that lasted a little while. But, eventually they all got a bit mixed together.
What cute pumpkins!

Cheese! This one is MINE!
Turns out Tempera paint doesn't really stay on pumpkins.....Later this evening after they were dry Jaden rubbed most of the paint off of his. Now THAT was a bigger mess than the painting in the first place! I guess maybe we'll have to paint the pumpkin again! ;-)


  1. Very cute! I'm loving that pregnant belly....Can't wait until you post pictures of the little one. Good luck on your last 5-6 weeks!

  2. What a great smile! All the cousins loved seeing Jaden :)

  3. Brings back memories of your first pumpkin carving, Krysia. I love the Handy Manny pencil pic. Jaden looks like he is meticulously painting his pumpkin. I made a collage of these pics for grandpa B's b-day and he enjoyed the stories behind them.