Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cake Balls......Ummm...Truffles

So, I heard about such a thing as cake balls from Bakerella

Then, my cousin made some and I tasted them.

Then, my cousin claimed that they really were very easy.

So, I had an excuse to make a special treat and decided to try it out.

They were a HUGE hit - everyone that tasted them LOVED them, and thought that I must have purchased them at a store because, yes, they were pretty darn cute.
But, when they ask you what they are, and you have to say "cake balls"....ISH.
I have decided to rename them....

Caution - they are VERY rich. I prefer to eat them cold. Somehow they aren't so overwhelmingly sweet that way.

HOW TO: (simplest version imaginable)
1. Bake a box cake mix in a 9x13 pan
2. Cool cake
3. Crumble up the cake (a bit distressing after working so hard on previous cake projects to get a piece that actually stays together nicely for decorating!)
4. Stir in a can of frosting.
5. Cool mixture in refrigerator
6. Make into balls (I used a small cookie scoop to keep a more even measurement).
7. Chill balls in freezer (or fridge)
8. Dip in melted candy coating.
9. Optional - Mine looked lumpy and kind of weird so we splattered them with the opposite color candy coating and they suddenly looked very cute.

Really, the hardest part was the dipping. I found that the colder the balls and the warmer the candy coating the easier it was to be quick.
I tried using spoons to maneuver the balls and it didn't work.
Then I tried skewers. This worked most of the time but occasionally I had one fall apart on me. Funny thing about that is, many of my cake balls had a candy coating stripe into the center too!

I used a Cherry Chip cake mix and White frosting. The ones my cousin made were Funfetti cake and frosting. I read about a red velvet with cream cheese frosting. All of these sound FABULOUS.

I hear you can easily sub in your favorite cake/frosting recipe if you prefer from-scratch cakes. I'm thinking my FAVORITE homemade coconut cake and frosting with a dark chocolate shell would be DIVINE. But....that sounds like a lot of work!

THE BOTTOM LINE - I would make these again for a special occasion - but only if I had a guaranteed babysitter or a helper for the dipping stage!


  1. They do look gorgeous and sound richly yummy. Maybe you could start an on-line specialty bakery - like you need something more to do :-).

  2. I'll always be glad to help! Which means I can eat the lost causes...if Stephen doesn't beat me to them! See ya Sunday morning?