Friday, November 5, 2010


Tonight I was totally exhausted so Stephen got the idea to take Jaden bowling with Grandpa. When Jaden heard the word "bowling" he got really excited and started talking really loudly and enthusaistically about it saying:

"I'm going to throw those wrecking balls and pinch those milking bottles!!!"

Who teaches him these things anyway?

- wrecking balls is what he decided bowling balls were called last time we went bowling and had just watched a Thomas movie involving a wrecking ball.
- pinch is the word he uses to describe almost any action that involves actual pinching, bumping, squeezing, or knocking over
- milking bottles is what he decided the bowling pins looked like the last time he went bowling. Of course, I also have no idea how he would even know what a milking bottle looks like....

Oh - and he made sure to be really excited that his cousins were going to be there ... even though they aren't! He has only been bowling with them! Hopefully Daddy and Grandpa can be just as fun!

Now I'm off to rest - or make a grocery list - or work on a Christmas stocking - or watch a TV that actually gets channels after 2 years of not - or all four. Or, maybe I'll just go to bed!

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  1. Good thing you understand "Jaden" language. So what did Jaden have to say after an evening out with the boys?