Friday, August 21, 2009

A Trip to Orlando

Beginning our month of travel (4000+ driving miles and 2500+ flying miles) was a trip to Orlando for the National Lutheran Hispanic Convention. We got to visit a great friend Tiffany there before she moved back north. WAY fun!

Here's Jaden when we arrived in Orlando, sill a little sleepy after a good nap of the second flight. Without even planning he happened to match his stroller nicely!
We thought we would have all kinds of time after arriving at the airport to check into the hotel, go to dinner and play at a park, go grocery shopping, etc. before picking daddy up from the airport at 10:30pm or so. But, due to traffic and an EXTREMELY long ordeal at the car rental place trying to argue that a "standard size" car cannot possibly mean a 2 door Sebring when the webpage showed a 4 door sedan (DON'T rent from Payless car rental if you can help it) and Friday night tourist district Orlando traffic meant that we barely checked into the hotel and got a bite at McDonalds before running to pick up daddy!

The next day we decided to hit the beach. We drove a little ways over past Tampa to go to one of Tiffany's favorite spots - I think it was called Honeymoon Island State Park. Anyway, it is a nice long stretch of beach NOT dotted with hotels and vendors. So, it is nice and natural.

Here we are getting ready to go. Jaden got some OJ with Tiffany's help.

He decided that he was NOT into the Mickey hat that mommy had bought him to keep out the sun. Granted...Stephen says it will fit him when he goes to Kindergarten it was so big. I couldn't help was the smallest one I could find!

Jaden had a blast playing in the bright, white, soft sand (the truck, bucket, shovel and rake that Tiffany brought sure helped!)

We rented an umbrella and chairs for a little extra comfort

Daddy and Jaden hit the water (or the water hit them...however you want to think about it). At first Jaden wasn't too sure. But, the water was REALLY warm so he got into it with a little encouragement (and a death grip on daddy!)

As he got used to the waves he got a little braver although he never let go!
They kept getting bigger....and so did his smile! Here's a sample of a bit of the fun...and a few little shrieks! I LOVE the "OOOOhhhhh" face he makes somewhere in the middle of the video. Of all of Jaden's expressions, it is one of my favorites!

After getting wet it was time to get DIRTY. Daddy did a good job of burying Jadens legs.

And, Jaden had fun playing "King of Daddy's Mountain"

A bit of the sand action.

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