Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Words

Jaden is in a vocabulary spurt I think. He seems to be coming up with new words everyday. I'm not sure I can keep up. Since the last "words" post he now says:

Pickle - said "ickle" - This apparently is one of his new favorite foods. He saw a jar of them on the pantry shelf to day and gasped "OOOOOOOOOHHHH" and shouted "ICKLE!!!!" He got to eat one from the jar in the fridge!
carrot - said "at" or "arat"
Alleluia - said "you-ya" or "ya-you" if he gets going to fast. - His new favorite song is the mariachi's Resucito (He is risen). The chorus goes "resucito, resucito, resucito, aleluya. Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya, resucito. He OFTEN (like 25 times a day at least) requests this song by saying, "itO?" (resucito). I watned him to learn the other key word so now every time he says "itO" I say, "alleluia". I started to get him to repeat it. Now sometimes he asks for the song by saying "itO you-ya!"
Popcorn - said "uh-corn" or "pcorn"
Star - said "tar". This one was brand new today. We were shopping and I had brought a shape book along for entertainment. First he surprised me by picking out a circle when I asked him to, and then a square. Then he pointed at the star and said "tar". Hmmm...I didn't know he knew that!
Tractor - said "a-toh" or "da-doh". His MegaBlocks tractor became his new favorite toy for today. I didn't want to take the Little People bus (a favorite of the last several days) to the park and since the tractor is an outdoor toy I switched it out. At first he wasn't impressed but, before long, he wanted to take the "da-doh" everywhere - in the car, in the house, in the crib.....
Pato (Spanish for duck) - said "tato" - In an attempt to NOT sing Resucito ALL day EVERY day I limit it's use during bath time (although it is still used as dancing music for the frog and the turtle). Instead I try to come up with songs for all the squirt toy animals. I have him give me one of the animals and then I sing that one's song while they do a little dance on the side of the tub. Well, Rubber Ducky has become one of his favorites. He's been saying "duck" for awhile now and at his checkup the Dr. mentioned that since he is talking so much it would be good to start using Spanish around him more so - when I remember - I tell him the English and Spanish name for things. So today when he gave me the "ducky" to sing the song I said "this is a duck, un pato." He repeated "pato?" and the rest of the bathtime would give me the "pato" and then request the "ducky" song.
More - said "mo". He has been signing this for a LONG time. Today there were several times when he was in a different room and he would come up to me saying "mo, mo, mo, mo". I couldn't figure out what he meant. I guessed "milk",, "water", ????? Finally tonight he came up to me, grabbed my leg, as I bent down he looked me right in the eye and said "mo. Mo. Mo?" I told him I didn't know what he wanted but to show me. He led me to his room, pointed at the CD player, said "mo" as he signed "more" and then it clicked. Silly me...not recognizing a spoken word because I'm used to SEEING it!

I know that each new stage seems like the cutest thing you've ever seen/experienced but...I think new words, the revelation in a little one's eyes when they know they are communicating in a way you can understand, and the cute way in which they say the words......
Currently, I think that NOTHING could be cuter!


  1. Oh, too cute!

    I was just reading tonight how you should try to avoid the whole "do you want this? This? This?" pointing thing and just let them show you. I guess that must work better anyway!

  2. It doesn't surprise me that pickles are a favorite food! That's one of Stephen's all time faves. I love hearing about my sweet nephews first words. Thank you for sharing, Krysia!

  3. i still remember a story neil told me about emma some time ago. they were eating dinner, and emma was trying to tell him something. neil had no idea what she was trying to say, so he kept asking her "what?" emma kept repeating the exact same phrase over and over again. she got to the point where she actually said it very, very slowly to neil. too funny. it definitely made us realize that she knew exactly what she wanted, what she wanted to say, and how she thought she needed to say it. Children are Amazing. :)