Friday, August 21, 2009

Day Two

After church on Sunday we spent some time hanging out at the hotel. Tiffany brought a "bag of tricks" that included some FUN stuff.
Woah! STICKERS!? Those look COOL!

I'll take that one, and that one, and THAT one....

Jaden had a GREAT time sticking the stickers all over himself and us. The most fun was putting them on the laminated card of telephone numbers from the hotel. That way he could take them off again!
Then we hit the pool. Jaden has always loved the water but been a bit intimidated by big pools and deep water. I think the FL heat had him convinced it was fun though. He's finally getting the hang of it!
Here he is riding on an innertube.

And, he finally let us get him this far away from our body (i.e. he loosened the pool death grip) and actually started kicking his feet! This face tells me he's having fun! :-)
And, there was a little park at the hotel. He was really quick at climbing UP the slid as well as going down but....we was getting a little tired by this point so he struggled at the top. get the idea.

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