Friday, August 21, 2009


So...there are so many pictures from this day that it might be boring for anyone who either doesn't LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney or LOVE LOVE LOVE their grandson Jaden.....

As a new blogging experiment I made a video with Smilebox (thanks for the idea Kayla). Rides were rated - Jaden style as "more", "MORE", and "all done"! some not pictured were Peter Pan (ALL DONE), and the Carousel of Progress (Jaden - MORE; Mommy and Daddy "all done"). Mommy and Daddy also got to go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. Space Mountain was out of commission so we missed that one....

After the pics will come some videos if you still have the heart to watch! :-)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Disneyworld
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Not much action but grandma K will enjoy the song. Jaden was mesmerized in It's a Small World

Outside of Ariel's house (we didn't go there) Jaden discovered these pads of squirting water. He was pretty interested in playing with them until he got a little TOO close!

The Dumbo ride in action

All in amazing day! I can't wait to go back when Jaden is big enough to remember and we can spend more time! :-)


  1. Enjoyed the pictures.... love the water video :) classic! Thanks for posting. Love you!

  2. Great Disney photos! I'm a HUGE fan!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. Camille went for the first time last December and is lucky enough to be going again this December. We can't wait!

  3. It sure looked like a lot of fun! I can't imagine lasting all day with a little one -- I was tired for you just watching the slideshow.

  4. Fun day! I like the smilebox for all the photos... My fav is Jaden's rating of more or all done... too cute!!

  5. Grandma, of course, loves ALL the blogging B-U-T she thinks you oughta send the squirting water video to American's Funniest Videos. Who ever catches something that funny - for real?!