Friday, August 21, 2009

At Long Last...

I know, I know, I KNOW.....

It has been a million years since I have posted some pictures. I decided that I am TIRED. After driving 4000+ miles and flying another 2500+ we are TIRED of traveling. We are SO glad to be home for awhile.

I don't know if I have the stamina to post pictures today or not. My house is a MESS (even though we have hardly been here), I STILL have piles of laundry to do (still 4 days after we got home), I have STINKY leftovers in my fridge to get rid of, and I feel like sleeping.


Stephen and I were marveling at how fast Jaden is learning and growing the yesterday and we were (in preparation for a question I know is coming at his 18 month doctor's appointment coming up next week) counting the number of words that he says. Let me tell you at about 40 words...he's a little communicator! Lately, he's been mixing the words that he knows with a bunch of babble and facial expressions that make you think you really SHOULD understand what he's talking about. Camilla (a little girl at the office) was babbling right back at him on Thursday so....they must understand each other!

These are the ones we have been able to think. This isn't counting the things that we are sometimes able to get him to repeat even if he probably doesn't know what they mean.

*I'll put an * next to words that repeat categories (like spoken and signed)

Spoken Words: (said pretty much perfectly)
all done
bubble - one of the words in one of his favorite songs
pop - meaning the popping of the bubble
baby (bibi)
ice - a new word learned because of his love for eating it (Grandpa H introduced it)

Spoken Words: (as his parent we know what he means based on context or what he's pointing at)
*fish - said "shhh"
oatmeal - said "meal"
bus - said "ssss"
cake - said "cahke"
duck - said "cuck"
yes - said "ma"
banana - said "nana"
Resucito - said "tito" (the name of his new favorite mariachi song)
whoops - said "ooup"
buckel - said "uckle" or "cuckle" (one of his new favorite activites in shopping carts or high chairs)
Mariachi - said "chi" (his favorite type of music)

Sound Words:
choo choo - said "too too" with a little nasal "unk" at the end (train)
moo (what a cow says)
Meeeeow (what a cat says)
ruf (what a dog says)
quack - said "cak" (what a duck says)
vroom (what a car or bus says)
oink - said "unk" with a little snort at times (what a pig says)
Neigh (what a horse says)

Signed Words:
bye bye
thank you
giraffe (sometimes)

I'll let you know if I think of any more! The first time we counted we only got to about 30. Then today he reminded us of several more! :-) Gotta love that little guy!

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