Sunday, July 12, 2009


This week was "Fiesta" VBS at our church. J just hung out with me as I helped with music but he had a TON of fun being around other kids and having LOTS of time to dance and shake the maracas! He's not a fan of stickers though. He only wants to take them off.
Tamborines are pretty cool too....and apparently they make good necklaces.

On the last day we had a big water balloon fight. Since we weren't having the regular music time with each class I had to help fill the water balloons. J kept wanting to play with them, which was fine, until he was breaking them about as fast as we were filling them. So, I asked a few mariachi friends if they would watch him while I was working. They were thrilled and soon came asking if I had a camera on me. I guess, in addition to getting to eat jelly beans (lucky boy - none of that candy stuff from mommy!) he got a new hair do!

Surprisingly....pretty darn cute! (Now I might say differently if he attempts this as a 14 year old!)

The teachers and helpers.
And all the beautiful kiddos

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