Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our New Favorite Place to Play

Since it's SO hot here in the desert if you don't get up and get to the park by about 9am, there is no point in going. Unless of course you want to roast, fry, or sizzle your bottom on the slide.

So, we discovered the indoor park at the mall. Nice, fun, other kids, WAY cleaner than the McDonald's play places. All in all, a good find.

Jaden has taken to climbing on ANYTHING he can figure out how to get up onto.
The car is still one of his favorite attractions.

This one is new this week. I was across the play area when suddenly I saw him on top of this 3 foot tall, no sided thing. I freaked out thinking WHO PUT MY BABY UP THERE!!!!! Then, watched in awe as he slid down and climbed right back up as if it was nothing. This video doesn't show his best/quickest scaling of the "building" but, know, he did this about 50 times the first day he figured out how. He was GOOD and tired by the time we went home! :-)

All I can say is....."Where did my BABY go?

He's not supposed to be able to do that already!!!!!!!


  1. I love that little boy! I say little boy because he's obviously not a baby anymore. He's absolutely adorable. I would love to get to go the the play area at the mall with you two to play with "J" and get my own videos.

  2. I'm glad J has a cool place to play on a sizzling day. He scaled that slide like an expert and it looks like he takes his "play" seriously - no time to waste - let me explore :-). It does a grandma's heart good to see these videos.